A 2 kilometer stretch of cycleway along Airport Drive that safely connects The Cooks River Cycleway to the city.

Getting To Alexandria Canal Cycleway

Where Is It?

The Alexandria Canal Cycleway connects the west end of Coward Street with Tempe Recreation Reserve, allowing for safe riding next to airport drive, and the potential to access the international airport via bike.
It also allows for safe riding from Redfern / Alexandria / Sydney City to connect with the Cooks River Cycleway at Kendrick Park, on the opposite side of the Princes Highway.
A green bike lane clearly marks where the cycleway slips between two industrial estates towards the canal.


The closes street address Coward Street West, Mascot, NSW, 2020


If you need to park a car there is street side parking on Coward Street.


Google Maps Link – Alexandria Canal Cycleway | Sydney

Things To Do

Watch Planes Overhead

Pull up just as you hit airport drive and wait for a plane to come in for landing. They get real close, sometimes generating enough air current to knock you off your bike, so watch out!

Ride To The Cooks River Cycleway

About 1.8 kilometers along the cycleway there is a wide bridge that arcs over the canal towards Tempe Recreation Reserve, follow the bridge and the bike track to Holbeach Ave (it doesn’t matter which way you go, right or left, as both join up to Holbeach). Ride past the mariner pier towards the Princes Highway and cross at the lights. The Cooks River Cycleway is clearly marked and heads west towards Bicentennial Park & the Parramatta River.

If you want to head east towards Brighton-Le-Sands, ride south across the Princess Highway Bridge and follow the cycleway through Cahill Park.

Kendrick Park

Kendrick Park is nearby with a nice playground.


Ride To International Airport

Continue southwest along the full length of the cycleway and it passes beneath Marsh Street / Airport drive and connects to the International Airport. There’s some bike parking at the south end of the car park.

Ride To The City

Coming from the Cooks River Cycleway heading east follow the Alexandria Canal Cycleway to Coward Street then connect with Bourke Street. After riding past Mascot Station and Green Square Station take a left onto George Street and ride all the way to Prince Alfred Park.


Beaman Park | Earlwood

Cooks River Cycleway | Sydney

25 kilometers of picturesque bike track crossing through some unique areas of the city, this track follows the Cooks River from Botany Bay at Kyeemagh to the Parramatta River near Sydey Olympic Park.

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