Walking around the hilly, windblown expanse of Astrolabe Park you can’t help but feel like you’re walking through a horror film. This place is scary. It feels too big for it’s size. It doesn’t help that there are fences along one side where the golf course meets the car park, or the prominent feature is two giant flood lights rising out of the ground like something out of war of the worlds.


For such a large area there seems to be a dearth of facilities at Astrolabe Park. You might find the lone basketball half court tucked away behind the creepy looking brick maintenance shed. Further afield there’s a couple of woefully inadequate bench seats in ditch and the aforementioned flood lights.

Off Leash

Wide, rolling¬†and with no real shade, this at least makes a good park for some off leash dog excercise, with lots of space to stretch the legs.¬† There’s a lot of signs around Astrolabe park. One sign says that off leash dog walking is not permitted, but I think it’s safe to say this is a mistake, as there are many signs that do in fact give the nod to off leash fun.

Low maintenance parks like Astrolabe can work well when they occupy interesting parcels on land. When they are wedged between a golf course and a high level sporting facility, they look more like an afterthought earmarked for future development.

Rubbish Blues

The lack of upkeep extends to rubbish disposal. While there were doggy bags on offer at a couple of points, the bins are residential style red bins, unsuitable for windy parks and full to the brim, they were in desperate need of an empty.

So with no play equipment or BBQs, very little shade, no public restrooms or indeed any reason to come here besides walking the dog, there seems little Astrolabe can offer. Perhaps if you’re in the mood for a good scare, walking around here on a cloudy afternoon will definitely give you a little chill.

Astrolabe Park, Astrolabe Rd 2035. Map it.


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