Connected to the mainland by bridge, Bare Island is popular for fishing and snorkelling. On Sundays you can take a tour of the fortress or attend Aboriginal Workshops and markets. The island is also available for venue hire, with weddings and receptions popular on the grounds.

Getting To Bare Island

Where Is It?

Bare island is located at the south end of Anzac Parade, just off the coast of La Perouse in Botany Bay. It’s joined to the mainland by a bridge, and takes about 30 minutes to drive from the city CBD, straight down Anzac Parade. Buses stop at Cann Park and the loop. If you have location services enabled, you can try this search. There is no camping allowed on the island


The closest street address is Anzac Parade, La Perouse, 2036.

Parking and Entry Fees

Cann Park and the Anzac Loop have plenty of spots but on weekends and school holidays it can fill up fast. If you’re carrying gear for fishing or diving try and park as close as you can to the end of the loop. Bare Island Fort tours cost $10 and run on Sundays. Aboriginal Workshops and Black Markets run on first Sunday of every month and there is a $2 entry fee.


Things To Do

Diving – Snorkelling and Scuba

Bare Island is a popular spot for diving. There is an abundance of aquatic life within the bay and congregating around the island’s rock and reef systems. Expect to see moray eels, giant cuttlefish, stingrays, seahorse, sea dragons, pineapple fish and blue groper among many others.

Generally, the western side has less underwater visibility than the east side.

Divers can enter beneath the bridge on the mainland side and at the boat ramp. Experienced divers might choose to enter on the eastern side which is closer to the sea. Maximum depth is around 18 meters.

Fishing Bare Island

The rocks around the island are popular for fishing. Bream, blackfish and kingfish all popular catches. You might also find blue groper, Mado and Old Wives. Watch your footing, wear life jackets, obey the regulations and fish in pairs. Swelling tides and strong winds can create dangerous conditions on the rocks.

Bare Island Fort Tour

The tour runs every Sunday except the first Sunday of the Month and takes about 45 minutes.

Opening hours are 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30. Contact the La Perouse Museum and visitor centre on (02) 9253 0880 to book and enquire.
Fishing At Bare Island

Aboriginal Workshops and Black Markets

The first Sunday of every month Bare Island hosts aboriginal workshops and markets.

Markets include food stalls, indigenous art and jewelry.

Workshops vary month to month but include shell work, basket weaving, catch a release fishing and spear making.

Entry is a $2. Opening hours 10:30am – 5:00pm

History and Controversy at Bare Island

  • Bare Island History Overview – From Traditional inhabitants to James Cook, the establishment of a fort and war veteran’s hospital, this article gives an overview of the island’s history (Read more).
  • Fort Controversy – Like many public works in Sydney, the construction of the Bare Island Fort was shrouded in controversy and politics (Read More).

Wedding, Reception and Venue Hire

Bare Island Fort is available for venue hire and is popular as a wedding and reception spot. The island is available Monday through Friday for a max of 120 people. Hire starts at about $600 but check The Office for Environment and Heritage website for more info.

Bare Island Fort La Perouse Sydney


  • Food

    There are several restaurants and cafes around the Anzac Parade Parking Loop.

  • Toilets

    A toilet block stands near the roundabout at Cann Park.

  • Rubbish Bins

    There are bins in Cann Park and a few on the foreshore. Make sure you dispose of your waste thoughtfully.

  • Can I Take My Dog?

    Dogs and other pets are not permitted on Bare Island.

Nearby Attractions

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Congwong Beach | La Perouse

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Cape Banks Aquatic Reserve

La Perouse Botany Bay National Park

Explore Henry’s Head Walking Track, discover the SS Minmi Shipwreck at Cape Banks as well as secret beaches and fishing areas.

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