Hitting the Bondi to Coogee walk? Be prepared to see some of Sydney’s best beaches along the way.


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Beaches On The Bondi To Coogee Walk


Starting in the north with Bondi Beach, scroll down to see all the beaches in a north to south order.

Bondi Beach Gif

Waves crash over rocks at the southern end of Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Australia’s iconic symbol of leisure and lifestyle, Bondi Beach stretches a breathtaking 800 meters of perfect waters and soft sand. Take in the sun, go shopping, or grab a cocktail as the sun sets. Bondi is beach life

Tamarama Beach Sydney

Tamarama Beach

A small beach with wicked rips, Tamarama’s still good for a splash. It also has a nice park and probably the best beach kiosk going round. Find out more about Tamarama beach

Bronte Beach Sydney

Bronte Beach

Hugely popular with surfers and lined with cafes and a huge park, Bronte is a spectacular beach where you can happily while away an entire day.

Clovelly Beach Sydney

Clovelly Beach

Protected by rocky reefs Clovelly is a flat, narrow beach that’s perfect for swimming and a bit of casual snorkel too. Instantly recognisable, you’ll be glad you got your toes wet in this giant saltwater pool.

Gordon's Bay

Gordon’s Bay

A tiny beach more suited for diving, it’s still good to escape here for a bit of a swim when the others are crowded. The only beach with its own underwater trail.

Coogee Beach Australia

Coogee Beach

Coogee has a bustling promenade, vibrant nightlife and is also a great place for a swim and a surf. It’s also the end of the track, so rip of your daks and get in the water.

Giles Baths | Coogee

Giles Baths

Located just north of Coogee, access the Baths via Dunningham Reserve and be prepared for a pretty unique experience. 


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