Whether you’re just looking for a bit of casual snorkelling or you’re a bit of a Scuba Steve, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs have plenty to offer divers of all skill levels. Make sure you dive with a group and follow the safety instructions. There’s a link at the bottom of you’re unsure.

Cape Banks Aquatic Reserve

Cruwee Cove

Address: Kamay Botany Bay National Park, La Perouse NSW 2036
Not for the lighthearted, Cruwee Cove is a short hike into Kamay Botany Bay National Park, but it might seem a bit further carrying all your gear. Those that dare will be rewarded with everything Botany Bay has to offer. A great scuba site in a remote location.

cape banks aquatic reserve

Cape Banks Aquatic Reserve

Address: Kamay Botany Bay National Park, La Perouse NSW 2036
RIght next to Cruwee Cove this dive site is more suitable for snorkelling. Bear in mind that invertebrates are protected in this area so don’t remove any. A fun spot in fairly shallow waters.

Clovelly Beach Sydney

Clovelly Beach

Address: Donnellan Circuit, Clovelly, NSW 2031
The rocks at the end of the beach provide shelter from rough swell and are also a habitat for lots of smaller fish as well as the occasional Blue Groper. Best tackled in the afternoons before sundown or early in the morning before the families show up, the water is a decent depth and the rocks provide a natural resting place for taking a break.

Gordons Bay

Gordons Bay Aquatic Reserve Nature Trail

Address: Major St, Coogee NSW 2034
The only man made underwater nature trail in Sydney. Protected by an offshore reef, the trail starts just past Bundock Park on Cliffbook Parade on the north side of the bay. The trail is about 700 meters in length and marked by a series of chains. Expect to see garfish, starfish, Blue Groper and plenty of undersea coastal fauna and flora.

Bare Island La Perouse

Bare Island

Address: Anzac Parade Loop, La Perouse, NSW 2036
With a maximum depth of around 18 meters, this famous island fort is popular with anglers and divers of all skill levels. There’s an abundance of life beneath the tide line including moray eels, stingrays, sea dragons and pineapple fish. Beginner divers will enter beneath the bridge on the mainland at the boat ramp, while experienced divers sometimes choose to enter on the eastern side.

Congwong Beach La Perouse

Congwong Beach

Address: Anzac Parade Loop, La Perouse, NSW 2036
Just around the corner from Bare Island, Congwong Beach is also a marvel to snorkel, though perhaps a little easier than it’s island cousin. Check the headland towards Bare Island, as well as the rocks separating ‘Congy’ from Little Congwong. Just keep an eye out for boats coming into the bay, and the nudists at Little Congwong.

Little Bay Beach Little Bay 2036

Little Bay Beach

Address: Pine Avenue, Little Bay, NSW 2036
The headlands around this calm cove beach are perfect for those looking for a casual snorkel. The bay is home to black urchins and large, colourful sea anemones, just keep an eye out for fisherman casting lines in the deeper areas.

Malabar Beach Malabar Sydney

Malabar Beach

Address:Fisherman’s Road, Malabar, NSW, 2036
Quiet and calm, Malabar Beach is a nice place for a beginner or casual snorkel. Fun for the whole family, there’s a great park off the back of the beach for barbecue afterwards.


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