Botany Bay Boat Ramp

The boat ramp is located off Foreshore Drive, with panoramic views of the bay, airport and docks. It’s a popular fishing spot with, as the name suggests, boat access via the ramp.

Amenities at nearby Botany Foreshore Beach include restrooms and a bike lockup. There are also shower and feet washing facilities and a dog bowl. (The beach is friendly to dogs on leash)


Fishing Regulations

Of particular note is the fish cleaning area, a caged facility that prevents gulls and other birds from picking up left over bait and fish guts. According to the signage, flocks can damage the planes taking off nearby, so use of the facility is mandatory.

If you’re looking for more info on fishing in Sydney, try this pdf from Department of Primary Industries, or contact them.

Access via Foreshore Drive. There is a medium sized carpark that can fill up quickly on weekends.¬†There is also a bike / footpath that links to Sir Joseph Banks Park via overhead bridge. Here’s a map link.¬†

botant bay boat ramp


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