Deep within the Kamay Botany Bay National Park, Brown’s rock is a top spot for fishing. Be prepared to hike in though, the nearest roads are over a kilometre away.

Getting To Browns Rock, La Perouse

Where Is It?

Browns Rock is located In Kamay Botany Bay National Park. Enter via Anzac Parade near Congwong Beach and Cann Park and follow the trail to the end of the beach. Take the left fork in the trail and look for signs to Henry head until you get to the intersection to Browns Rock, about a kilometre along. The track to Brown’s rock is about three hundred meters.
Alternatively, access Henry’s Head Track via Cape Banks Road near the maintenance building. Browns Rock is an elevated rock platform so there’s no access Little Congwong Beach via the headland.


The nearest street address is the Anzac Parade Loop, La Perouse.


There is lots of parking on the Anzac Parade Loop, including around Cann park. However on weekends and public holidays this can fill up fast, so get in early or plan accordingly.
Parking via Henry Head Lane is very limited. Keep an eye out at the intersection of Cape Banks Road, ear the entrance to the golf club (but not in the golf club). There are spots on the shoulder.


Google Maps Link – Browns Rock | La Perouse

Printable PDF Map –National Parks Website.

browns rock track

Things To Do At Browns Rock


Browns rock is a great fishing spot. The rock is elevated anywhere from 5-10 meters from the sea with plenty of spots to cast a line. Yakka, Salmon, Tailor and Squid are all fair game in this part of the bay. Kingfish, bream and flathead have also been spotted. On weekends the spot can get pretty busy. Weekdays are ideal, so get in early.


Caution – Wildlife

Rats and snakes are common around this part of the park. The rats are attracted to bait and food, so keep it under wraps.


Browns Rock is high up and a strong southerly swell can make it fairly dangerous. Slight easterly winds are much more accommodating

Snorkelling and Scuba

There is no safe entrance to the water so it’s not ideal for scuba and snorkeling unless you come in by boat. Even then, you’re in the way of the lines dropping in from the rock. . Try Congwong Beach or Bare Island for good diving.

browns rock la perouse


  • Food

    Being deep in the national park, there are no kiosks nearby. The nearest are the kiosks, cafes and restuarants around the Anzac Parade Loop near Cann Park and the La Perouse Museum.
    On weekends, the streets ice cream boat stops and Congwong Beach

  • Rubbish Bins

    There are bins at the entrance to the rock platform at at the intersection of Henry Head Track and Browns Rock Trail. Make use of them. Leaving trash on the ground only attracts animals like rats and snakes.

  • Toilets

    The nearest public toilets are at Cann Park, over a kilometre away. There’s always the bush though….

  • Can I Take My Dog?

    Unfortunately dogs are not allowed within Botany Bay National Park

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