A popular beach at the south end of the Royal National Park, Burning Palms is home to historic beach shacks, and is the access point for the Figure of Eight Pools.

Getting To Burning Palms

Where is Burning Palms Beach?

Burning Palms is located on the south eastern coast of the Royal National Park in Lilyvale, north of Werrong (Hellhole) Beach and south of South Era Beach.

The quickest way to get there it to turn onto Garie Road from Sir Bertram Stevens Drive and then immediately turn onto Garawarra Farm Road south to the carpark. Burning Palms is about a twenty minute walk from the carpark.

Alternatively the beach can be accessed from Otford Lookout north along the Royal Coastal Walk (About 2 hours 30 minutes walk in), or by parking at Garie Beach and walking south along the Royal Coastal walk past North and South Era beaches.


There is parking at the Garawarra Farm car park and at Otford Lookout depending on which way you want to take to get there.


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Things To Do


Burning Palms is not always patrolled, and can be potentially dangerous due to large waves and the presence of rips. Swimmers should stay between the flags when the beach is patrolled. Check the Burning Palms SLSC website for more info on patrol dates.


A popular surfing beach, you’ll have to carry your gear in from the carpark but consistent waves, rips and wide bars mean there’s usually good breaks. Burning Palms Beach makes a decent alternative to Garie Beach to the north.

Burning Palms Beach Lilyvale


Rocky headlands at both ends of the beach produce good fishing. Always wear a life jacket and fish with a partner when rock fishing.

Figure of Eight Pools

When the tide is right the FIgure of Eight Pools can be accessed by scaling the rocky headlands to the south. It takes about 20 minutes each way. A unique experience that should be seen at least once.

Burning Palms Beach Shacks

The beach shacks at Burning Palms, South Era and Garie Beach have a long and interesting history dating back to miners working in Helensberg in the 1930s. Read more about here.

Royal Coastal Walk | Royal National Park

Views of Burning Palms Beach on the Royal Coastal Walk


  • Food

    The nearest place to grab a bite to eat is the Audley cafe, about a ten minute drive from the carpark There are a number of picnic areas in the National Park, many with BBQs. Check this guide for details.

  • Rubbish Bins

    There are no rubbish bins on the beach so take your rubbish with you.

  • Toilets

    The nearest toilets are at Garie Beach to the north.

  • Can I take my dog?

    Dogs are not permitted at the National Park.


Werrong Beach Royal National Park

Werrong Beach

Just south of Burning Palms, Werrong Beach (also known as Hellhole) is the only nude beach in the Royal National Park

Otford Lookout

Otford Lookout

A couple of hours walk south along the Royal Coastal Walk, Otford Lookout is a popular lookout and the southernmost entrance to the Royal Coastal Walk.

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