The Burrawang Walk Loop starts at the Kurnell Visitors Centre and loops around several significant sites within the national park. It is an easy walk, and a favourite among school groups, tourists and visitors wanting to learn more about Australia’s history.

Getting There
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  • Opening Hours & Contact
  • Parking & Entry Fees
  • Meeting Place
  • Soundscapes
  • Captain Cook Landing Site
  • Joseph Banks Monument
  • Sutherland Point
  • Solander Monument
  • Food
  • Toilets
  • Rubbish Bins
Nearby Attractions
  • Commemoration Flat
  • Visitor Centre

Getting to Burrawang Loop

Location and Address

The Burrawang Loop starts at the Visitors Centre. Follow the signs to the Visitors Centre when you enter the park. You can leave your car in the carpark (make sure you pay for parking) and get on the Burrawang Walk at the north end of the car park.


Google Maps Link – Burrawang Walk
National Parks Website – Printable PDF Map
Visitors Centre – There are paper maps available for free at the Visitors Centre.


Parking and Entry Fees

There is plenty of parking at the Visitors Centre. There’s also parking at Commemoration Flat if you want to walk the loop counter clockwise.

There is a $7 entry fee for parking within Kamay Botany Bay National Park, Kurnell. Pay in person at the visitor centre, or use one of the pay stations located at the entrance to the park or at Commemoration Flat carpark.

Historic Sites

There are many significant sites along the Burrawang Loop, some modern, some historic. All give a glimpse into Australia’s shared history. Though many of these sites are in tribute to European Settlers, attempts have been made to draw attention to the impact on the Indigenous way of life that white settlers brought to Australia, leading to, in many cases, irreversibly damage.

Starting from the visitor centre and working clockwise along the loop, you will encounter:

Meeting Place

A more recent structure, and the first you’ll encounter on the walk, Meeting Place tells perspectives of the Aboriginal and European settlers, including Gweagal and Dharawal Elders. The inscriptions on the plaques are often poetic and beautiful (Read more).


Hidden in the scrub around the trail, the soundscapes speak in Aboriginal Language, along with music and the sound of children’s laughter. Sit and hear the stories told by representatives of local Indigenous Peoples (Read more).

Captain Cook Memorial / Obelisk of 1870

A commemorative obelisk stands opposite a rock where Captain Cook is believed to have landed with his crew (Read more).

Joseph Banks Memorial

A small monument to the botanist Sir Joseph Banks, who contributed a vast amount to European understanding of Australia (Read more).

burrawang walk

Sutherland Point

Popular as a spot for fishing and diving, the pier also has several plaques that attempt to tell the story of early colonial life and it’s impact on Indigenous culture.

Daniel Solander Monument and Flag

Standing on the foreshore of Commemoration Flat, this momument honours Daniel Solander who, along with Joseph Banks, contributed much to European understanding of the Australia.



There is a small cafe / kiosk at the Visitor Centre and also a takeaway just outside the National Park on Captain Cook Drive. Commemoration Flat is a nice picnic area if you bring your own food.


There are toilets at both ends of the loop at the visitor centre and at Commemoration Flat

Make sure you dispose of any rubbish at the bins provided at the Visitor Centre and at the picnic area in Commemoration Flat.

Rubbish Bins

There are rubbish bins at the Visitors Centre and Also in the Picnic Area at Commemoration Flat.

Nearby Attractions

Commemoration Flat

A rolling expanse of a picnic area. It’s at the end of the loop walk and a great place to stop and have a bite to eat (Read more).

Visitor’s Centre, Kurnell

More than just a place to park your car. Kamay Botany Bay National Park Visitor’s Centre is full of useful information on the park and it’s history. Pick up a map and make sure to pay your $7 for parking.