Bankstown’s main skatepark and a pretty awesome mountain bike dirt track all situated near the Crest Sporting Complex off the Hume Highway.

Getting To Carysfield Park / Bankstown Skatepark

Where Is It?

Located on the Hume Highway in Chester Hill, Carysfield Park is a large green space highlighted by the war memorial facing the highway. You’ll want to follow signs to the Dunc Gray Velodrome and turn onto Johnston Road to access the carpark. There’s also access from Manuka Crescent via Manuka Reserve.


The 907 stops on the Hume Highway near the park, and the 905 stops on Johnston Road.


The closest street address is corner of Johnston Road and Leslie Street, Bass Hill NSW 2197


There is a large carpark on Johnston Road where you’ll have no problem finding a spot there most of the time. There’s access from here to the skatepark and dirt track.


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Things To Do

Hit The Vert At Bass Hill Bankstown Skatepark

A super smooth park with lots of variety, transition, boxes, rails, hips, and vert ramps at each end. It’s a real gnarly skate park that draws skaters from all over Sydney and sometimes interstate, with heaps of space for BMX as well and if you don’t believe me just check out the pictures.

Carysfield Park Bass Hill Sydney

Grab Some Air At The Mountain Bike Circuit

You’ll find it in the woodland behind the skatepark, it’s a simple, dirt packed circuit with a handful of big jumps. Make sure you wear a helmet! It’s generally pretty quiet so might be a good spot to shoot some footage as well.

Carysfield Park BMX Track Bass Hill Bankstown

The dirt track at Carysfield Park is simple but gets the job done!

Explore The Crest Sporting Complex

There’s more off the back of Carysfield Park, including a cycling circuit at Louisa Reserve, the velodrome and stacks of playing fields for kicking a ball around.


  • Food

    Check out the velodrome or the athletics track where there’s kiosks.

  • Rubbish Bins

    Bins in the carpark around the skatepark so chuck your stuff out.

  • Toilets

    There’s a toilet in the big carpark.

  • Can I take my dog?

    There’s a bit of space next to the skatepark at Carysfield Park, or check out adjacent Manuka Reserve and Mclean Reserve.

  • Can I lock my bike up?

    The closest lockups are at Louisa Reserve and the velodrome.


The Crest Sporting Complex Bass Hill Synthetic Field

Crest Sporting Complex | Bass Hill

Bankstown’s premier sporting complex boasts a high end athletics track around a high quality sporting field as well as many outdoor rugby, soccer and hockey fields.

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