A tiny reserve on the corner of Whatley Lane and Brown Lane just south of King Street. It’s so small your only real options are reading a book and a bit of dog business.… Read More

hollis park

Hollis Park is a village green just south of King Street in Newtown, about a five minute walk down Wilson Street from Newtown Station. With a large playground and lots of shade around it’s outskirts, Hollis Park is serene and suitable for reading a book, soaking up the shade, childrens parties and small picnics.… Read More

A friendly community park nestled at the back of Glebe not far from Wentworth Park. M J Doherty Reserve has a playground, bbq, tables and benches, a chess board and some interesting artwork scattered about the park. It’s suitable for a picnic lunch, reading a book, or small children’s parties.… Read More

A round, soft grass park wedged between the emergency services and Traffic authority building and the ATP precinct, Vice Chancellors services the local community with a tidy, well lit park that is friendly for dogs and picnicking alike.… Read More

solander park erskineville

Solander Park is a pocket park nestled between terrace houses along Park Street, Erskineville. It’s notable feature is a pair of bronze horns called “Sound Sculpture” that amplify the sound of the creek beneath the park. It is also close to Erskineville Road with cafes and pubs nearby.… Read More

camperdown memorial rest park

Camperdown Memorial Rest Park is a large, dog friendly park just north of King Street in Newtown that houses the Camperdown Cemetery and St Stephen’s Church.… Read More

  There’s a multitude of parks along the Cooks River, but if you’re looking for a small place to take the kids for a play, St Anne’s might be all you need. The playground is small but has all the basics and is in good condition. There’s also an undercover table and benches. If you’re… Read More

Victoria park

Victoria Park rolls out between Sydney Uni and Broadway Shopping Centre, packing ponds, gardens, a swimming pool and playgrounds into a unique slice of innner city green. … Read More

  Even if you don’t know exactly where s Freeman park is, chances are you’ve walked past, or even through it before. Set between the massive Olympic Stadium and the equally imposing train station, Cathy Freeman Park might be best known for hosting the weird, UFO-esque piece of public art that was the Olympic Cauldron… Read More