jack shuttleworth reserve

Nestled on the corner of Renwick Street and Mitchell Road Alexandria, Jack Shuttleworth Reserve is a tiny slice of veldt with a swing set a couple of chairs. Unlike most small reserves, Jack Shuttleworth is unconcealed. There are no fences or shrubbery to speak of, it is literally a wedge of green with a composite… Read More

walsh avenue reserve

Walsh Avenue Reserve is an expansive and well maintained park with a children’s play equipment, benches, tables and a water fountain. There are no BBQ facilities, but the reserve still makes a good picnic spot thanks to fencing to the north and the well maintained grassland. The grass is healthy, even in the middle of… Read More

Alexandria park

Alexandria Park is a dog friendly suburban green bordered by idyllic Buckland Avenue to the north and Wyndham Street to the west. Popular with dog owners, there’s also plenty of space to sit and read a book, so long as you don’t mind a few canine friends. Large fig trees provide ample shade throughout the… Read More

south sydney rotary park

South Sydney Rotary Park is an extensive length of green that joins three inner west suburbs and offers a couple of nice facilities in the form of a children’s play area and a small outdoor gym. There’s a real charm in¬†strolling along the path and taking in the surrounding views, from the terrace lined Henderson… Read More

  Erskineville Oval is a rugby field with an old grandstand painted in the traditional South Sydney colours of red, white and green.¬†Dogs are permitted around the outskirts of the playing field, provided they stay on leash. The field is bordered by a white picket fence, and the oval slopes gently on all for corners… Read More