Congwong Beach is a small beach with a south facing aspect that is good for paddling and snorkelling. Botany Bay National Park has many trails and walks, making this beach a good spot for a dip after a long hike. Getting To Congwong Beach, La Perouse Where Is It? Congwong Beach is located close to… Read More

bare island

In the 1870s New South Wales authorities believed Russia might invade Australia. The colony requested two British fortification experts, Sir Peter Scratchley and William Jervois to coordinate the defence of Sydney. They began in 1877 and Bare Island was to play a crucial role, as the sole fortification in Botany Bay. Little did they know… Read More

cruwee cove

Cruwee Cove is a quiet, windblown cove where you can cast a line, grab a photo or two, or don the flippers and snorkel and take a dive.… Read More

endeavour lighthouse

Named after Captain Cook’s ship, the Endeavour Lighthouse was erected in 1955. It sits in front of the old WWII Coastal Battery overlooking botany bay, facing south. The lighthouse is active, but cannot be accessed inside by the general public. It is is made from masonary painted white and is visible from the Kurnell side… Read More

henry head battery

First constructed in 1985 the battery was decommissioned in 1910 only to be re-equipped thirty years later for WWII. This historic site are now popular with graffiti artists, but they still offer a glimpse into Australia’s recent history. How to get to the Battery Address Henry Head Battery is located at Henry Head in the… Read More