ss minmi

Cast ashore on the 13th May 1937, this shipwreck is scatted across the western side of Cape Banks and Cruwee Cove.It’s unique position makes it a desirable landmark for hikers, photographers, and divers alike. Directions to SS Minmi Shipwreck The main wreckage is located on the western side of the southern point of Cape Banks,… Read More

cape banks aquatic reserve

The diverse intertidal marine habitats of the Cape Banks Aquatic Reserve stretch from Cape Banks to the Endeavour Lighthouse at Henry Head and 100 metres seaward, approximately 22 hectares of biodiversity conservation. Getting to Cape Banks Aquatic Reserve Location The reserve is located along the southern shore line of the La Perouse side of Kamay… Read More

browns rock la perouse

Deep within the Kamay Botany Bay National Park, Brown’s rock is a top spot for fishing. Be prepared to hike in though, the nearest roads are over a¬†kilometre¬†away.… Read More

Jennifer Street Boardwalk

Jennifer Street Boardwalk is a 350 stroll through Kamay Botany Bay National Park. With over 100 different species of plant, including the rare Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub, it’s appealing to anyone interested in the unique flora of Sydney’s coastline. Jump to: Getting There Address and Location Map Parking Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub Species List ESBS… Read More