Protected from strong tides by rocky reefs Clovelly Beach is a naturally occurring ocean pool that is popular with swimmers year round.

Getting To Clovelly Beach

Where Is It?

Clovelly Beach is located on Donnellan Circuit and Victory Street in Clovelly. There is foot access from Park Street, Bruce Avenue and Eastbourne Avenue.


The car park is located at the end of Victory Street. Make sure you spare some change for the Surf Club volunteers if they are collecting. There’s also limited street parking on Donnellan Circuit and the backstreets near by.


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The formation of the beach and surrounding reefs makes Clovelly a large, low energy ocean pool. Lifesavers patrol the beach and there are change facilities near the kiosk.


Make use of the rock platforms at either end of the beach, they are popular spots to fish and easy to access.


Surfing is not really an option at Clovelly, due to the shape and nature of the beach. Try Coogee or Bronte for better conditions.


A children’s playground with swings and climbing forts sits just behind the beach.

Clovelly Lap Pool

The lap pool has four lanes and is built into the concrete promenade on the south side of the beach.
Clovelly Beach Sydney


  • Food

    Try the Sea Salt Kiosk near Clovelly Surf Club for a bite to eat

  • | Rubbish Bins

    There are rubbish bins near the kiosk and along the Coastal Walk

  • | Toilets

    Toilets and changeroom facilities are near the Surf Club and Kiosk

  • | Can I take my dog?

    Dogs are allowed on leash along the coastal walk but not on the beach or in the water.


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