Commemoration Flat is a sprawling, grassy expanse of parkland located within the the kamay botany bay national park, Kurnell. It is a popular picnic destination that also offers acccess to Burrawang Walk and Inscription Point

Getting There
  • Location & Address
  • Map
  • Opening Hours & Contact
  • Parking & Entry Fees
  • Picnic Area
  • Solander Monument
  • Cafe / Kiosk
  • Food
  • Toilets
  • Rubbish Bins
Nearby Attractions
  • Inscription Point
  • Captain Cook Landing Site
  • Meeting Place

How To Get To Commemoration Flat

Location and Address

Commemoration Flat is located near the visitor centre on Solander Drive within the National Park. Follow the left turn to the visitor centre and drive past the carpark. The road curves right back to Solander Drive and you will see Commemoration Flat on your left along with a big sign and a carpark.


Google Maps link – Commemoration Flat
National Parks Website – Printable PDF Map
Visitor Centre – There are paper maps available for free at the visitor centre

Opening Hours and Contact Info

Kurnell National Park Opening Hours:
August – May: 7:00am – 7:30pm
June – July: 7:00am – 5:30pm

Visitor Centre Opening Hours:
10am – 3:45 Monday to Friday
9:30am – 4:30pm Saturdays and Sundays
Contact: Phone 02 9668 2000

commemoration flat picnic area

Parking and Entry Fees

There is a $7 entry fee for parking your car within the national park grounds. There are paystations at Commemoration Flat and the entrance to the national park, and you can also pay at the visitors centre.

There is a small carpark at Commemoration flat. If this is full loop back around to the Visitor Centre which has lots of parking and is an easy walk.

Attractions and Facilities

Picnic Area

Commemoration Flat is a popular picnic area, with plenty of grass and shade and views across the bay. Facilities include a BBQ, covered tables and benches, toilets and bubblers.

Solander Monument and Flagpole

A memorial to Daniel Solander sits at the northern end of the park along with a tri-flag pole sporting the Australian, New South Welsh, and Indigenous Flags (Read more).

Kiosk / Cafe

There is a kiosk / cafe at the visitor centre along with an art gallery, shop and historical exhibition.



There is a cafe / kiosk in the Visitors Centre. There is also a take away shop outside the park on the corner of Captain Cook Drive.

commemoration flat picnic aread


There are toilets at Commemoration Flat and also in the visitors centre.

Rubbish Bins

There are rubbish bins around the picnic area. Use them and keep our natural environment clean.

Nearby Attractions

Inscription Point / The Steps

A popular fishing and diving spot, it can be accessed from the north east end of Commemoration Flat (Read more).

Captain Cook Landing Site

A century old monument commemorates the site where Captain Cook and his landing party first came ashore. A plaque helps shed light on first encounter between Europeans and Aboriginal People (Read more).

Meeting Place

A contemporary monument dedicated to telling the stories of both the Indigenous and European settlers in Australia (Read more).