An outstanding bike path that connects to the Parramatta River in the west and Botany Bay in the east, with over 25 kilometres of picturesque parks, fields and canals, this is a unique and beautiful ride through Sydney.

Getting To The Cooks River Cycleway, Sydney

Where Is It?

The Cooks River Cycleway starts where the Cooks River meets Botany Bay at Kymeemagh near O’Dea Avenue.

Distance / Length

It extends 25 kilometers along the river to Homebush Bay where the Cooks River Cycleway (and river) meets the Parramatta River.

By Ferry

The Sydney Olympic Park Wharf is only a short ride to the western end of the cycleway.

By Train

Rhodes and Sydney Olympic Park Station are your closest train stations in the west. Arncliffe, Banksia and Wolli Creek are your closest train stations in the east.


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Things To Do

Gough Whitlam Park | Earlwood

Playgrounds, basketball courts, bike track and picnics by the river are all on offer at Gough Whitlam Park, which also sports several cultural monuments and a cafe.

Steel Park / Waterplay Park | Marrickville

Waterplay Park is the key feature at Steel Park. A fun play area for kids with water features like sprinklers and fountains created around a ‘water cycle’ theme that’s fun to play in during the summer months.

Bicentennial Park | Sydney Olympic Park

Beautiful Bicentennial Park remains Sydney’s best park to take a bike ride in the west, with ponds, rolling hills and plenty to discover, the park also connects the cycleway to Bicentennial Park.

The bridge between Ewen Park and Wills Park.

The bridge between Ewen Park and Wills Park.

The Brickpit | Sydney Olympic Park

The brickpit is an interesting feature in Sydney Olympic Park, a suspended loop walkway with views on the city and home to the Green & Gold Bell Frogs.

Blaxland Riverside Park | Newington

Perhaps one of Sydney’s hidden gems, Blaxland Riverside Park has the city’s most incredible playground, cafe and barbecue areas along the cooks river, bike track into the Millennium Parklands and so much more.

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Ewen Park | Hurlstone Park

Ewen Park has a pleasant aspect over the river.


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