Idyllic coastal beach community epitomising Central Coast life.

Getting To Copacabana Beach, Central Coast

Where Is It?

South of Avoca, and connected to Macmasters Beach in the south, Copacabana Beach is epitome of Central Coast Life. A small shoppingstrip cozys ul to the Del Monte Drive,with the beach following out on the other side along the north end of Allagai Bay. The Scenic Road will take you to Cullens Road (and signs to Copacabana), from there it’s just a matter of connecting to Copacabana Drive which will take you all the way to the beach.


The 66C and 66A will take you close to the beach.


Copacabana Beach is located on Del Monte Drive, Copacabana NSW 2251


Two parking lots on Del Monte Drive near the shops and skatepark, plus onstreet parking further north.


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Things To Do

Find Some Good Breaks In The Surf

Surfers will find the high swell and rip prone tidal conditions along Copacabana Beach, with a left point break over the rocks and Beach breaks on the sandbar, with a right hand break towards Macmasters.

Copacabana Beach Rock Pool Central Coast

Cool Off In The Rock Pool

Swim between the flags or just splashing about in the rock pool at the north end of the beach. CopacabanaSurf Life Saving Club provides lifesavers most of the year round and there’s facilities like change rooms, showers and a cafe at the Surf Club.

Copacabana Beach Swimming Surfing Gosford

There’s Winter Whale Watching

While Copa might not be as elevated as some other whale watching spots, there’s a viewing platform near the carpark where keen observers can spy Humpbacks on their migratory routes between June-July and October-November. Don’t forget your binoculars!

Copacabana Beach Picnic Area Whale Watching Gosford

And Near The Lagoon It’s Dog Friendly

Looking for a quiet spot to let the dog run around? Cochrane Lagoon is a peaceful spot between Macmasters and Copacabana where owners can let their dogs run around in the sand. Brig a ball for some fetch or just let them explore the embankments, there’s always a couple of pooches around for a bit of socialisation.

Cochrane Lagoon Gosford Central Coast

There’s Also A Playground & Skate Bowl

Tucked away behind the shopping strip, the Shaun Brinklow Playground has enough slides and slippery dips to keep the young ones entertained, while skate bowl s a popular afternoon haunt where you’re guaranteed to see a few skilled riders in action.

Copacabana Surf Life Saving Club Gosford

Some nice art on the colourful Copa Surf Club

Or Just Enjoy A Spot Of Beach Fishing

Keen anglers will want to get in early off the beach when the lagoon joins the ocean and there are good gutters around. Alternatively rock fishing off the headland with a partner can provide a veritable bounty of bream and tailor. Always obey state laws and regulations and fish with a partner.


  • Food

    Cafes and takeaways on Del Monte Drive, the shopping strip has a nice beachside vibe.

  • Rubbish Bins

    Bins located near the surf club and in the picnic area near the parking lots.

  • Toilets

    You’ll find toilets and change rooms at the Surf Club, plus outdoor showers as well.

  • Can I take my dog?

    Doors are welcome off leash around the lagoon where Copa Beach joins Macmasters Beach.

  • Can I lock my bike up?

    There’s bike lockups near the surf club.


MacMasters Beach Dog Walking

Macmasters Beach

Occupying the south end of the Allagai Bay Foreshore, Macmasters Beach is perhaps more popular among swimmers. The walk from Copa to Macmasters is the perfect morning (or afternoon) stroll.


Avoca Beach (Coming Soon)

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