Just off the back of Cronulla Beach, Cronulla Park is a wide, sloping green space near the heart of Cronulla Mall and a stone’s throw from Cronulla Station.

Getting To Cronulla Park

Cronulla Park is located on Gerale Street south of the Kingsway. From the end of the Kingsway take a right onto Gerrale Street and follow it for a few hundred meters, the park is on your left after a pedestrian crossing.

Cronulla Park is also close to Cronulla Station. Cross the road from the station and follow the small arcade path past Monro Park down towards the beach.


There is dedicated parking on Gerrale Street in the form of parking bays. Because of its proximity to the beach and Cronulla Mall, the parking can fill up quickly on weekends and during the summer holidays.


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Things To Do


The playground at Cronulla Park is large with slides, rope climbs and forts. Cronulla Park is wheelchair and pram friendly.

Picnic Area

While there is plenty of seating, Cronulla park does not have any Barbecues on site. Try nearby Shelly Park for BBQ facilities, or pick up some fish and chips from the nearby takeaway and enjoy them in the park.

Cronulla Park Ice Creamery

The famous Cronulla Park Ice Creamery is right next to the park with delicious gelato in a variety of flavours.

Weddings and Photography

The area around Cronulla Beach and Cronulla Park can be used for wedding ceremonies and photography. Contact the council beforehand to find out if the date is available. 9710 0333 or ssc@ssc.nsw.gov.au

Cronulla Beach Rock Pool

The Rock Pool is not far from the park.



  • Food

    There are plenty of cafes and takeaways nearby that cater to just about any taste and budget.

  • Rubbish Bins

    Rubbish bins are located in the park including near the playground and the promenade.

  • Toilets

    There are toilets near the RSL where the park from the park joins the Promenade.

  • Can I take my dog?

    Dogs are not welcome off leash or near the children’s playground. You can walk your dog on leash through the park and along the promenade.

  • Wheelchair Access

    Cronulla Park is wheelchair friendly with path access across the park.


Shelly beach

Shelly Park

South along the Coast Walk, Shelly Park is a popular spot to relax under thr palms, throw a frisbee or have a barbeque.

Cronulla Beach Cronulla Pano

Cronulla Beach

Hop down to the surf for a swim at one of Cronulla’s most popular beaches.

Dunningham Park Pano_wm

Dunningham Park

Just opposite Northies, Dunningham Park is a wide park with a good playground right next to North Cronulla Beach.

North Cronulla Beach Cronulla Pano

North Cronulla Beach

One of Sydney’s most popular beaches right in the heart of Cronulla.

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