Cruwee Cove is a quiet, windblown cove where you can cast a line, grab a photo or two, or don the flippers and snorkel and take a dive.

Getting To Cruwee Cove

Where Is It

Cruwee Cove is nestled between Henry Head and Cape Banks. Facing southeast, it has views of the Kurnell side of Botany Bay National Park in the distance.


Access via Cape Banks Road, following the Cape Banks Trail and the track that passes through the golf course towards the boardwalk and Henry’s Head.
Alternatively, you can do the long hike from Cann Park via Congwong Beach and join the Henry Head Walk Track.


There is limited parking along the embankment on Cape Banks Road. Park as close as you can to the pistol range and helicopter rescue service.

There is plenty of parking at Cann Park and the Anzac Parade Loop on the western side of the national park, but this still tends to fill up on weekends and public holidays so get in early.


Cruwee Cove on – google maps.

National parks website – handy pdf map.

cruwee cove

Things To Do At Cruwee Cove

Snorkel and Scuba Diving

Cruwee Cove is a favourite spot for snorkelers. Botany Bay is teeming with underwater life and the complex reef environments around the cove are a delight to explore.

Getting down to the water can be tricky, especially with a lot of gear, so either walk to the foreshore from the Cape Banks Aquatic Reserve or plot your course carefully down the rocks.


There’s decent fishing to be had if you don’t mind the walk, particularly if Browns Rock is packed. Expect to nab kingfish, yarra, squid and jewfish around this area. Watch the swell and the winds.Cruwee Cove is next to the Cape Banks Aquatic Reserve so be aware of the regulations when fishing near this area as well


Diehards who don’t mind carrying their board through the national park might find some good surf around Cattle Banks. It’s a big maybe, though


Beyond the epic panoramas and opportunities to snap a bit of wildlife, Cruwee Cove is littered with the remnants of the SS Minmi, a collier coal ship that ran aground in 1937. If you head west there are opportunities to snap the lighthouse and WWII bunkers at Henry Head.

SS Minmi Shipwreck

The ship itself is lodged on the south western tip of Cape Banks. Head east from Cruwee cove past the Cape Banks Aquatic Reserve

Whale Watching

Nearby Cape Banks is a good spot to watch whales in the winter and the spring. You might also catch dolphins in botany bay.


  • Food

    There are no kiosks within the grounds of the national park. There are cafes and restaurants west towards Cann park and around the Anzac Parade Loop.

  • Rubbish Bins

    There are bins near the Henry Head and Brown Rock intersection and on the Cape Banks Trail just north of the bridge. If you bring rubbish in, take it out.

  • Toilets

    There are some public toilets at Cann Park near the roundabout. There are no toilets within the National Park.

  • Can I Take My Dog?

Unfortunately dogs are not permitted in Kamay Botany Bay National Park

henry head panorama

Nearby Attractions

cape Banks Circuit

Cape Banks

A great spot for Whale Watching, Cape Banks is home to the SS Minmi shipwreck and links up to the coastal walk. Details and photos

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Henry Head Walk Track

Explore military bunkers, the Endeavour Lighthouse and the wildlife around this popular hiking track.

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