Popular bay beach in the summer, you’ll find kite surfers here year round and the local park offers plenty of opportunities to rest, run and relax.

Getting To Dolls Point Beach, Dolls Point

Where Is It?

Dolls Point Beach is a sandy beach on the Botany Bay Foreshore south of Cook Park and Brighton-Le-Sands. It is technically part of Lady Robinsons Beach, the long beach that starts at Kyeemagh in the north, but the area around Peter Depena Reserve and the St George Sailing Club is generally known as Dolls Point Beach.

To access, connect to the Grand Parade and follow it south to Malua Street or from Rocky Point Road take Russell Avenue


The 303 bus connects to Dolls Point Beach via Russell Avenue.

Bike Route

The Cook Park shared bike track joins Peter Depena Reserve. Beyond that, both the Bestic Street & Eve Street Cycleways join the Cooks River & Alexandria Canal Cycleways to the north.


The ideal street address is corner of Carruthers Drive and Malua Street, Dolls Point NSW 2219


There is dedicated parking at Peter Depena Reserve on Malua Street and well as smaller parking lots on Sandringham Street and Carruthers Drive via Skinners Avenue. Both Dolls Point Beach and Peter Depena Reserve are popular weekend retreats so expect parking to fill up in the summer. In this case, your best bet is to search for on street parking around Russell Avenue and Clareville Avenue.


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Things To Do

Dolls Point Beach Is A Top Spot For Kite Surfing

When the wind is high kite surfers flock to Dolls Point Beach by the dozen, their iconic and colourful kites dotting the Botany Bay skyline as they speed along the water and grab air of the small waves Botany Bay sometimes produces. If you want to have a go remember basic etiquette among swimmers, pedestrians and other kiters and just have a good time.

Peter Depena Reserve Dolls Point Beach Kite Surfing

Or You Could Cast A Line Off The Groyne

While the beach is probably to busy for fishing the rock rock groynes between Cook Park and Peter Depena Reserve are ideal for anglers looking to grab the morning (or afternoon) catch. With parking just across the road it’s easy to unload your gear right by the foreshore, and there’s several spots where small groups can stake their claim. Fish include whiting and bream as well as tailor, flathead and the occasional octopus.

Peter Depena Reserve Fishing Kite Surfing

While Others Will Prefer A Swim

When summer rolls around the relatively calm waters of Dolls Point Beach attract bathers looking to cool off without having to journey all the way east to the ocean. Overlooked by the

Bike & Walking Path Peter Depena Reserve

And There’s Plenty To Do In The Park

Peter Depena Reserve is the perfect spot for a big family bash or social gathering, with large, covered picnic areas, barbecues and plenty of shade. There’s plenty of grass to kick a ball around and even a playground for the kids, and if you’re feeling adventurous why not hit the bike / walking track up to Cook Park and Lady Robinsons Beach, it’s a flat, picturesque walk up to Brighton-Le-Sands where bayside cafes and restaurants await.


  • Food

    There’s a cafe in Peter Depena Park and food at the Georges River Sailing Club, as well as plenty of options northward.

  • Rubbish Bins

    Rubbish bins in the park and along the shared pathway.

  • Toilets

    There’s toilets located in the mural adorned building in Peter Depena Reserve.

  • Can I take my dog?

    Dogs are welcome on leash in the reserve and along the walkway but not on the beach or in the water.

  • Can I lock my bike up?

    There’s bike lockups along the pathway near Cooks Park.


Lady Robinsons Beach Fishing Brighton-Le-Sands

Lady Robinsons Beach | Brighton-Le-Sands

Vast stretch of sand that starts in Kyeemagh and takes up most of the western Foreshore of Botany Bay, you’ll find cafes littered promenades, swimming pools and fishing spots along with outdoor gyms and picnic area at this key St George attraction.

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