Named after Captain Cook’s ship, the Endeavour Lighthouse was erected in 1955. It sits in front of the old WWII Coastal Battery overlooking botany bay, facing south.

The lighthouse is active, but cannot be accessed inside by the general public. It is is made from masonary painted white and is visible from the Kurnell side of Botany Bay National Park.

Getting to the Lighthouse


The Lighthouse is located at Henry Head, deep in the Kamay Botany Bay National Park. It is accessible Via the Henry Head Walking Track. Access via Cann Park on Anzac Parade, La Perouse, 2036, follow the trail into the national park to Henry Head.

Alternatively you can access via Henry Head Lane / Cape Banks Road and follow the Henry Head Trail from there.


Here is the approximate location of the lighthouse on google maps. Alternatively, you might prefer this useful PDF map supplied by the national parks website.


You will have to park outside the national park. There is parking on Anzac Parade near Cann Park and the Anzac Parade loop, but this can fill up quickly on weekends and public holidays. If you are coming via Henry’s Head Lane,. there is a small mount of parking on the abutment where is joins Cape Banks Road.


Buses like the L94 travel frequently up and down Anzac Parade. There is a bus stop opposite Cann Park.

endeavour lighthouse

Nearby Attractions

Henry Head Battery

The historic World War II bunker and supply buildings are directly behind the lighthouse.

Cape Banks

Home to the shipwrecked SS Minmi and an Aquatic Reserve, Cape Banks is another 40 minutes walk from the lighthouse, past Cruwee Cove.

Congwong Beach

Close to Cann Park and the entrance to Kamay, Congwong Beach is a good place for a dip after a long hike.