Old meets new at 5dock bowl where new 8 foot bowls, lines and plenty of smooth concrete support the old school bowl that remains to this day.

Getting To Five Dock Bowls Skatepark

Where Is It?

Five Dock Bowls Skatepark is located in Five Dock Park near Ingham Avenue and Howley Street on the east side of the park. There’s a bus stop right out the front on Ingham Street.


The nearest street address is First Avenue and Ingham Avenue in Five Dock, 2046


There is streetside parking on Ingham Avenue, First Avenue, Park Road and Barnstaple Road.


Google Maps Link – Five Dock Park | Five Dock

Things To Do

Bowls & Snake Runs

The new Skatepark has shallow and high bowls and a good snake run with plenty to grind. Good for skating or BMX.

Basketball Half Court

Just down the slope from the skatepark there’s a small single hoop half court. It’s not the best court in the world but it goes alright.

Five Dock Bowls Skatepark Sydney


  • Food

    There is food available from the Park cafe and bistro at Tigers Bowling Club. There’s also barbecues in the park.

  • Rubbish Bins

    There are rubbish bins near the picnic area.

  • Toilets

    Toilets are at the grandstand overlooking to footy field.

  • Can I take my dog?

    Dogs are allowed in the park provided they stay on leash.

  • Can I ride my bike?

    Ingham Street is bike friendly and there are paths cutting through the park.


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