Cronulla’s most northern beach stretches several kilometres towards Kurnell and is one of the few beaches in Sydney where you can walk the dog.

Getting to Greenhills Beach, Cronulla

Where Is Greenhills Beach?

Greenhills Beach is located at the northen end of Cronulla, next to Wanda Beach. There is access from Bate Bay Road off Captain Cook Drive and Elouera Road. Wanda Dunes Track runs along the back of the beach and joins up to Lindum Road at the eastern end.

There is also a track that runs from the east end of beach to Boat Harbour and eventually the Cape Solander Track. If you have a spare day the track winds all the way around to the Kurnell end of Botany Bay National Park.


There are parking bays at Don Lucas Reserve on Bate Bay Road behind Greenhills Beach. It’s a popular spot, so expect it to fill up early in the summer.


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Greenhills Beach is unpatrolled and there are a number of rips along its length. WIth so many options in Cronulla, it’s probably better to consider swimming somewhere else like Wanda Beach instead.


Greenhills Beach partly faces south towards the rest of Cronulla, exposing it to southerly swells. Surfing is good here when there are strong winds offshore and after big swells.


Greenhills does not have many spots to fish. There are better spots south near Elouera Beach and The Wall.

Dog Friendly

Greenhills Beach is one of the few beaches in Sydney that is dog friendly. Bring your dog off leash before 10am or after 4pm and have a good time with your pooch.

Greenhills Beach Dog Friendly


  • Food

    There is a take away kiosk at Wanda Surf Club nearby. Cronulla Mall is a 20 minute walk or 5 minute drive away if you want more options.

  • Rubbish Bins

    There are bins at most of the entrance points and in Don Lucas Reserve.

  • Toilets

    There are toilets at Wanda Beach Surf Club and in Don Lucas Reserve.

  • Can I take my dog?

    Yes! Greenhills Beach is dog friendly before 10am and after 4pm every day. Off leash permitted during these times.

  • Can I lock my bike up

    There are bike lockups at regular intervals along the promenade.


Don Lucas Reserve

Don Lucas Reserve

A popular playground for kids with some running / bike track around the park and a fitness station for the grown ups.
Wanda Beach

Wanda Beach

Right next door to Greenhills, it’s a good spot for surfing and swimming.


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