First constructed in 1985 the battery was decommissioned in 1910 only to be re-equipped thirty years later for WWII. This historic site are now popular with graffiti artists, but they still offer a glimpse into Australia’s recent history.

How to get to the Battery


Henry Head Battery is located at Henry Head in the Kamay Botany Bay National Park, near the Endevour lighthouse. The closest street address is Can Park at Anzac Parade La Perouse. Alternatively there is access via Henry Head Lane to Henry Head Trail.

It’s about an hour from Cann Park and a little less from the Henry Head Lane entrance.


On google maps the approximate spot is here. The national parks website has a useful PDF map as well.


There is parking at Cann Park and around the Anzac Parade Loop in La Perouse. On weekends and public holidays it can fill up fast. There is a small amount of parking on the embankment where Henry Head Lane joins Cape Bank Road, outside the golf course.

henry head battery la perouse


  • Constructed in 1895 and equipped with BL 6-inch Mk V disappearing guns
  • Decommission in 1910
  • Recommissioned in 1942 and armed with two 18-pounder Mk IV field guns and two QF 3 pounder Hotchkiss guns
  • Structures feature double walls and ceilings to prevent collapse


Nearby Attractions

Endeavour Lighthouse

Right next to the battery, Endeavor lighthouse has been active since 1955.

Cape Banks

Another 30 minutes walk east, Cape Banks has an aquatic reserve and is home to the shipwrecked SS Minmi

Congwong Beach

Close to the entrance to the national park, Congwong Beach is good for a snorkel or to cool off after the long hike.