The Henry Head Walking Track starts in the north west corner of the park and covers two kilometres of dirt trail, sealed track and board walk.

Getting to the Walking Track

1. Enter via Cann Park

Cann Park is located on the Anzac Parade Loop, La Perouse. Enter the Congwong Track towards Congwong Beach. Cross the beach and take the left fork on the trail. Follow the trail uphill for a few hundred meters where a small sign indicates a right turn. Take that turn and follow the signs to Henry Head.

2. Enter via Henry Head Lane

There are trail entrances near the National Parks Maintenance Workshop at the junction of Henry Head Lane and Cape Banks Road, right near the entrance to the golf course. There is also another entrance a hundred meters or so west on the road. Either way, make sure you head south east, or you’ll end up at Congwong Beach.

Henry Head Walking Track

There’s plenty of maps on the route.


Parking & Entry Fees

There is parking at Cann Park and around the Anzac Parade loop. This fills up quickly on weekends and public holidays, so make sure you get in early.

There is a small amount of parking on the embankment near where Henry Head Lane meets Cape Banks Road.

There are no entry fees to to Kamay Botany Bay National Park


Buses like the L94 travel frequently up and down Anzac Parade. There is a bus stop opposite Cann park. Here’s a link to sydney buses.


Route Notes

Part of the track is covered in bush canopy, but the section along Henry Head itself is exposed and can be windblown depending on circumstances.
There’s plenty of signs and you’re always close to civilisation, so the chances of getting lost are slim, but there are some moderately challenging uphill parts to the track, so be prepared.
Between Henry Head and Cape Banks track walkers can complete an entire circuit of the national park.

What you will need:
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Food
  • A map – There is a print friendly one below
  • Good walking shoes
  • Bathers, swimmers, cossies, trunks, boardies etc if you want to swim.
  • Fishing Gear.
  • Camera for some great panoramas

Henry Head Walking Track

Things To Do

Henry Head Battery

Historic site of gun emplacements for both world war 1 and 2. The bunkers are now abandoned and there’s plenty of street art on the walls, but still offer insight into the early history of the previous century.

Endeavour Lighthouse

A small lighthouse near the battery that was constructed in 1955 and is still active. It can be seen from the Kurnell side of the park as well.

Henry Head Lighthouse

Bird watching

Popular throughout the national park, expect to see lorikeets, kookaburras and yellow tailed black cockatoos.


Blue tongues and skints dot the walking track. These little fellas are eager to soak up the sun. It’s tough to come across one though. They’ll usually hear you first, and scurry off into the undergrowth.

Nearer the water you might see water dragons as well.

Congwong Beach

A perfect spot to cool off after the hike. On weekends there is a boat that sells ice creams.

Cape Banks Botany Bay National Park


Nearby Attractions

cape banks aquatic reserve

Cape Banks Aquatic Reserve | Botany Bay National Park

The Henry Head Aquatic Reserve is a popular diving spot located close to the SS Minmi Shipwreck

historic coast hospital cemetery

Coast Hospital Cemetery | Little Bay

The historic site of the Prince Henry Coast Hospital Cemetery, where over 2000 victims of small pox and other infectious diseases are buried. The cemetery is a monument to early settler life as well as housing the remains of indigenous ancestors.

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