Henry Lawson Park is a picturesque waterfront park in Abbotsford with all the amenities you need for a great day out with family and friends.

Getting To Henry Lawson Park, Abbotsford

Where Is It?

Henry Lawson Reserve is located along St Albans Street and Abbotsford Parade in Abbotsford, with the Parramatta River running along the western border of the park. Take Great North Road to Abbotsford Parade and follow it down to the park.

Buses & Ferries

There are a couple of public transport options. The 438 and L38 stop along the Great North Road close to the park. You can also catch the ferry to Abbotsford Ferry Wharf and walk about 10 minutes to the park.

Bike Route

Great North Road is bicycle friendly with dedicated lane markings along both sides of the road. The back streets of Abbotsford are a little hilly but generally amenable to riding a bike.


The best street address is St Albans Street, Abbotsford NSW 2046


Limited to street side parking on Abbotsford Parade and St Albans Street.


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Things To Do

Enjoy A Picnic On The Waterfront

Bring the whole gang and make the most of a beautiful spring day in the pleasant surrounds of Henry Lawson Park. The central open grass area is great for kicking a ball around, and there’s barbecues and covered picnic tables for making the most of the day. Take a cool drink down to the waterfront and watch the boats bob around in the harbour as the sun sets on another fantastic Sydney day out.


There’s A Playground That’s Big On Fun

Far enough from the water to be safe, the Henry Lawson Park Playground features slides, for climb, swings and monkey bars. Great for the kids, and the adults can check out the unique wood sculptures nearby.


And Lots Of Unique Little Features As Well

From the wooden sculptures near the playground to the unique armchair sculpture and ‘Grandma’s Map’ and the hidden swing set, Henry Lawson Park features plenty of little discoveries that make a visit to this waterfront green space a real pleasure to behold.



  • Food

    There are barbecues in the park, and a bubbler near the ‘armchair’. There are shops to the south on the Great North Road.

  • Rubbish Bins

    There are plenty of bins in the park.

  • Toilets

  • Can I take my dog?

    Dogs are welcome in the park but should be kept on leash and clear from the playground.

  • Can I lock my bike up?

    Henry Lawson Park does not feature bike lockups.



Quarantine Reserve

Just north of Henry Lawson park, Quarantine Reserve is a fun waterfront park with picnic areas fashioned from heritage buildings and great views across the Parramatta River.


Battersea Park

Adjacent to the ferry what, Battersea Park is a two tiered park with picnic areas and barbecues, shaded park benches and a playground for the kids.

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