Hungry Point is an elevated fishing spot located on the Cronulla Walk nesr Bass and Flinders Point.

Getting To Hungry Point

Where Is It?

Hungry point is located on the Cronulla Walk between Salmon Haul Bay and Bass and Flinders Point. Look for the sign and follow the steps down to a small, flat area that is ideal for fishing The closest street address is Gowrie Street off Ewos Parade.


There is limited street parking and around Gowrie Street. You could also try parking west of Hungry Point near Nicholson Parade and Cowra Place. Enter the walk at the end of Cowra Place.


Google Maps Link – Hungry Point | Cronulla

Hungry Point is just west of Bass & Flinders Point.

Things To Do At Hungry Point


Hungry Point’s main attraction is fishing. The flat area at the end of the steps offers a good place to cast lines down into the ocean below. Because it is south facing and protected by a tree line between the path and the stairs, it’s usually not to hard to find shade.


Avid photographers will find plenty to like here including panoramic shots of Jibbon Beach and Bundeena across the bay

Cronulla Walk

The walk extends around the headland and north along the east coast past Oak Park, Shelly Beach and Cronulla Beach.

Hungry Point


  • Are There Toilets?

    There are some toilets just down the path at park near Salmon Haul Bay.

  • Food

    If you are looking for something to eat you;’ll need to head back towards Cronulla. There is a fish and chips shop near Shelley Beach and more shops along Ewos Parade.

  • Rubbish Bins

    There are rubbish bins scattered along the walk nearby, including at the top of the stairs beneath the Hungry Point sign. Always dispose of your rubbish thoroughly.

  • Can I Take My Dog?

    Dogs are permitted on the walk provided they are on a leash. There isn’t any real reason to take a dog down to the fishing spot.

  • Is It Bike Friendly?

    Your not supposed to ride your bike along he Cronulla Walk, but you can access via Gowrie Street.


Darook Park

Darook Park

A small park with a unique western aspect and a calm little beach.

Salmon Haul Bay

Salmon Haul Bay

Not far from Hungry Point, Salmon Haul Bay is another great little fishing spot.

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