Jennifer Street Boardwalk is a 350 stroll through Kamay Botany Bay National Park. With over 100 different species of plant, including the rare Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub, it’s appealing to anyone interested in the unique flora of Sydney’s coastline.

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Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub
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Nearby Attractions
  • Henry Head Walk Track
  • Cann Park

Getting to Jennifer Street Boardwalk

Address and Location

Access to the boardwalk is from the north through Jennifer Street, La Perouse, 2036. You can also access from the south via Cape Banks Road.


Google Maps Link – Jennifer Street Boardwalk
National Parks Website – Printable PDF map


There is a small amount of off street parking on Jennifer Street. It’s usually pretty quiet and there shouldn’t be too much problem finding a spot.

Jennifer Street Boardwalk

Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub

Found on windblown sand dunes and nutrient poor soil, the Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub is a plant community unique to Sydney. Once occupying over 5000 hectares of land, ESBS is now a protected species limited to only 146 hectares. That’s a 97% reduction to this rare plant community.

The fragmentation of habitats through human development means the species is under threat. Kamay Botany Bay National Park and Sydney Harbor National Park contain about 33 hectares of the Banksia scrub, but this is much much less then the original 5300 hectares that originally existed.

Species List

For a full list of the Banksia scrub species:

Office of Environment and Heritage  РEastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub Species List 

Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub Map

Officd of Environement and Heritage website – Indicative Distribution Map

Recovery Plan

The area around the Jennifer Street Board Walk is important to the ESBS recovery plan. This plan is was outlined in a one hundred page document in 2004 by the National Heritage Trust. You can find a link to the full document below. The key points are:

  • Assess, map and monitor existing ESBS
  • Raise public awareness and encourage active community participation
  • Manage threats and ensure remaining sites are protected

Read full recovery plan (100 page PDF)

eastern suburbs banksia scrub



There are many cafes, takeaways and restaurants on Anzac Parade, including the loop near Cann Park. There are no kiosks within the park.

Rubbish Bins

There are rubbish bins within the park including:

  • Congwong Beach
  • Henry Head Track near Browns Rock intersection
  • Cape Banks near the bridge and golf course
  • Cann Park


The nearest public toilets are at Cann Park near the roundabout. There are no toilets within the National Park.


Nearby Attractions

Henry Head Walk Track

Explore the wildlife and historic around Henry Head including birds and lizards, a lighthouse, and historic military bunkers

Cann Park

See the snake show every Sunday and take a dip in nearby Congwong Beach. Plenty of parking.