Dr Banks accompanied Captain Cook on his journey to Australia. He was a botanist, naturalist, and advocate of natural science. He was also among the first European settlers. This monument stands in his honour.

Getting There
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History of the Monument
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Nearby Attractions
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Getting to the Monument

Location and Address

The monument is located in Kamay Botany Bay National Park on the Burrawang Walk Loop east of the pier and Captain Cook Landing Site /Obelisk of 1870. It is secluded by trees on the south side of the park

If you come from Commemoration Flat head west along the path from the Daniel Solander monument, cross a small bridge,. and you will see it.


Google Maps link – Joseph Banks Monument
National Parks website – Printable PDF map

Opening Times and Contact Info

Kurnell National Park Opening Hours:
August – May: 7:00am – 7:30pm
June – July: 7:00am – 5:30pm

The visitor centre is open 10am – 3:45 Monday to Friday, and 9:30am – 4:30pm Saturdays and Sundays. Phone 02 9668 2000

Parking and Entry Fees

There is a $7 entry fee for parking your car anywhere within the National Park. The entry fee is payable at the ticket stations near the entrance to the park and at Commemoration Flat, or over the counter at the visitor centre, which is also the best place to park.
From the carpark, follow the trail to Burrawang Loop.

joseph banks memorial, kurnell

History of Joseph Banks Monument


The monument was designed and created by sculptor Jean Hill and dedicated on the 6th September 1947.


The monument is inscribed:

In grateful memory of


Famous British Scientist Who visited these shores with Captain James Cook R.N. In 1770. 

His advocacy of British settlement in New South Wales, his beneficial influence on its early administration, his comprehensive researches into its flora, his vigorous personality and breadth of vision, merit his recognition as


This memorial is the gift of Edward L.L. Halstrom Esq. 1946. Unveiled by His Excellency the Governor General Mr W.J. McKell 6 September 1947.



Food is available from the kiosk / cafe near Commemoration Flat. Alternatively, there is also a take away place on the corner of Captain Cook Drive just outside the national park.


There are toilets at the visitor centre and also at Commemoration Drive. Neither are far from the monument.

Rubbish Bins

The nearest rubbish bins are on the Burrawang loop near the visitor centre and Commemoration Flat. Joseph Banks was a botanist and naturalist. Be like banks and consider our natural environment and dispose of your rubbish or take it with you.

Nearby Attractions

Commemoration Flat

A popular picnic spot with bbq facilities and covered benches. Set along the Burrawang walk, there are bbqs, tables and benches, toilets and a kiosk.

Meeting place

A contemporary monument shaped like a spiral that honours the culture and stories of Indigenous Australians and the first European Settlers. Find it near the visitor centre at the fork in the Burrawang Walk track. The monument has pictorial and written stories and is great for kids (Read more)