The southern side of Kamay Botany Bay National Park is home to historic sites, fishing spots, trail walks and some of the best whale watching in Sydney.

Getting To Kurnell National Park

Where Is It?

Kurnell National Park occupies the wide swath of land between Botany Bay and Bate Bay at the eastern end of the Sutherland Shire. Take Captain Cook Drive from The Boulevarde and Taren Point Road.
Solander Drive is the main road through the park and provides access to most of the attractions.

Parking & Entry Fees

There are several places to park within the National Park, including a large parking bay at the visitors centre close to Commemoration Flat, and smaller parking areas along Solander Drive near many of the main attractions. Entry is $8 per vehicle for the day.


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Things To Do

Scuba, Snorkelling and Fishing

Kurnell National Park is bordered on its north by Botany Bay and to the east by the Pacific Ocean, offering some of the best places in Sydney to cast a line or slip on the flippers and googles. Here are some of best places to check out:

  • Inscription Point

    Great for diving and fishing, you might even see a few dolphins.

  • Yena Gap

    At Yena gap you will find probably the greatest shoal of Port Jackson Sharks in Sydney.

inscription point bundeena

Trails, Walks and Hikes

Kurnell National Park has a great variety of tracks and trail walks. Some, like Burrawang Loop, are flat, easy paths taking in monuments, historic sites and parks. Others, like Cape Solander Track, are long journeys across hidden landscapes only accessible by foot.

  • Burrawang Loop Track

    A loop walk near the visitor’s centre that takes in several historic sites.

  • Yena And Muru Trails

    Short trails that cut through the park, displaying some local flora.

  • Cape Solander Track

    A long day hike around the cape leading all the way to Cronulla. A great spot for Whale Watching.

cape solander

Monuments and Historic Sites

Kurnell National Park contains the landing site of Captain Cook, as well as other historic monuments. More recently, installations have been added to tell the stories of the indigenous population of Kurnell, and the impact of rapid cultural change on those established communities

  • Obelisk of Captain Cook

    Plagues and sculpture commemorate the history of European landing in Australia.

  • Soundscapes

    Recently installed, they tell the unique stories of Kurnell’s original inhabitants.

  • The Meeting Place

    A recent addition to the park that tells the stories of those affected most by the colonisation of Australia.

Commemoration Flat Picnic Area

A large, rolling green space perfect for picnics and weekend get togethers, with barbecues, covered picnic tables and access to the bay.

meeting place, kamay botany bay national park


  • Food

    There are barbecues at commemoration flat and a takeaway just outside the national park.

  • Rubbish Bins

    There are rubbish bins at Commemoration Flat and the Visitors Centre. Keep our National Parks beautiful and always dispose of your rubbish.

  • Toilets

    Toilets are located at the vistors centre

  • Can I take my dog?

    Unfortunately dogs are not permitted in the National Park

  • Can I Ride My Bike?

    Riding your bike through Kurnell National Park is entirely possible if you feel like a long, pretty flat ride. The bike path is along the road, so may not be suitable for children or novice riders

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