A secluded harbour beachscape just perfect for a private swim with close friends.

Getting To Kutti Beach, Vaucluse

Where Is It?

You might be forgiven for not knowing where Kutti Beach is. Located between Parsely Bay and Gibson’s Beach, Kutti Beach is accessible from a small walkway at the end of Wharf Road, near the Sailing Club. The staircase is steep and narrow, so keep that in mind and pack light.
By car, connect with Hopetoun Avenue from New South Head Road and take it all the way to Wharf Road, which is just after The Crescent.


With limited parking, buses aren’t a bad option. The 325 stops on Hopetoun Avenue near Wharf Road. Just a hop, skip and a jump to the beach.


It’s only a 15 minute walk from Watsons Bay Ferry Terminal, with a bit of up and down.


The bst street address is Wharf Road, Vaucluse, NSW 2030


Limited on street parking on the streets nearby.


Google Maps Link – Kutti Beach | Vaucluse

Things To Do

Swim In The Secluded Blue Harbour

Low energy waves and a secluded flat,glassy bay make Kutti Beach an enviable oasis. Strip down and wade out in the cool waters against a backdrop of breezy palm trees and multimillionaire waterfront homes.

Kutti Beach Vaucluse

Lounge Out On The Deck

When the sailing club is closed, their beachfront decking makes a great spot to lie out and soak up some sunshine. You’ll have to swim out, but it’s worth the paddle.

Vaucluse Amateur 12 Foot Sailing Club

To get to Kutti Beach head down Wharf Road until you reach the sailing club.


Grab Some Snaps Of The Harbour

Few venture down to Kutti Beach, making it a great for those once in a lifetime photography opportunities, whether it’s the sailboats traipsing around on the harbour or just a couple of selfies on the beach. Ideally, wait for dusk and you’ll be treated to some beautiful light on a clear day.

Kutti Beach Entrance

There’s a small gates entrance to the left. Look for the signs.



  • Food

    Head to nearby Watsons Bay for a bevy of food options.

  • Rubbish Bins

    Make sure you take your rubbish with you and dispose of it properly.

  • Toilets

    No toilets here, the nearest are at Parsley Bay Reserve.

  • Can I take my dog?

    It’s not a suitable spot for dogs.

  • Can I lock my bike up?

    No bike lockups on Wharf Road. Might have to chain to a pole etc.


Parsley Bay Reserve Sydney

Parsley Bay Beach | Vaucluse

Another beachside getaway an expansive park nearby for cooling off. Parsley Bay Beach is a little more family friendly than Kutti Beach.

Gibson's Beach Watsons Bay Sydney

Gibson’s Beach | Vaucluse

Closer to Watson’s Bay, Gibsons Beach lacks the seclusion of Kutti Beach but is big on fun with more facilities in the reserve and great sunsets.


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