Sydney’s longest beach is a popular promenade beach in Brighton-le-sands that hosts thousands of joggers, swimmers and people watchers every day.

Getting To Lady Robinsons Beach, Brighton-Le-Sands

Where Is It?

Also known as Seven Mile Beach, Lady Robinsons Beach stretches from Kyeemagh in the north through Brighton-Le-Sands, Monterey and Ramsgate to Dolls Point. Backed by Cooks Park, it encoumpases a long stretch of the western Foreshore of Botany Bay, and can be accessed from many points along the Grand Parade.


The 303, 478, X03 all pickup and drop off along The Grand Parade / A1.

Bike Route

There is shared walking / bike path along Lady Robinsons Beach that runs be length if the Foreshore, joining the boardwalk and cafes in some places. To the north it joins the Bestic Street Cycleway which eventually leads to the Cooks River Cycleway, while southward it joins Riverside Drive to shared road / bike path.


The Grande Parade is the best street address for this long beach.


There are several parking areas along the length of the beach, including near Ramsgate Road, Florence Street, Culver Street, Burlington Street, Robinson Street, Solander Street and best the C-Side Restaurant. Due to its popularity year round, you may need to also look for onstreet parking in streets West of the Grande Parade.


Google Maps Link – Lady Robinsons Beach (Southern End)

Things To Do

Take A Stroll Along The Promenade

Don’t want to get sand in your shoes? The walking track extend along the length of Lady Robinsons Beach, dipping into a bustling board walk with seaside cafes and al fresco dining. Great for people watching or just soaking up the sun.

Brighton-Le-Sands Promenade Cafes Cook Park Lady Robinsons Beach

Explore Cooks Park

With a plethora of picnic and barbecue areas, outdoor gyms and fun and shady playgrounds for the kids, Cooks Park is the perfect compliment to a day out at Lady Robinsons Beach.

Cook Park Brighton-Le-Sands Cycleway Picnic Area

Spend The Morning With A Rod And Reel

Take a walk at dawn and you’ll spot fishermen along the beach, often with several lines in the sand. The best spots are near the groynes North near Kymeemagh and South towards Dolls Point, as these are less busy and offer better access to deep gutters.

Lady Robinsons Beach Fishing Brighton-Le-Sands

A lone angler sets morning lines.

Strip Off And Swim

With calm conditions year round there’s plenty of spots to hop in and cool off, including several tidal pools along the length of the beach and plenty of facilities in the park nearby to make a day of it.

Lady Robinson Beach Brighton-Le-Sands Swimming

Did You Know?

At over 5 kms long, Lady Robinsons Beach is Sydney’s longest beach, and while it might not be as iconic as Bondi, it still draws thousands every day, from joggers and strollers to anglers, swimmers, and those just looking for a coffee and crossaint by the water.


  • Food

    You’re spoilt for choice really, with plenty of options along the Grande Parade plus cafes along the promenade near Bay Street.

  • Rubbish Bins

    You will find brins at most of the entrances and exits to the beach.

  • Toilets, Showers & Changerooms

    There’s toilets blocks with showers scattered along the length of the park. There’s also freestanding showers at several of the Entry points to the beach.

  • Can I take my dog?

    Dogs aren’t allowed on the beach but you can walk them on leash along the promenade.

  • Can I lock my bike up?

    There are bike lockups at some (but not all) of the entrances to the beach.


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