A small park near the shopping strip with a fun playground and plenty of shade.

Getting To Macpherson Park, Waverley

Where Is It?

Macpherson Park is a small park space on the corner of Arden Street and Macpherson Street in Waverley, close to the main shopping strip.


The 360, 362 and 440 all stop along Macpherson Street.


The closest street address is Baglin Street, Bronte NSW 2024


Limited to onstreet parking around the park.


Google Maps Link – Macpherson Street | Waverley

Things To Do

Take The Kids To This Awesome Playground

Modern equipment in a central part of the park, Macpherson Park Playground features ropes course, swings and challenge games. There’s no sun shades, but the area is well landscaped and there’s shade provided by trees nearby.

Macpherson Park Playground Sydney

Grab Some Lunch And Enjoy It In The Park

Right next to the Macpherson Street shopping strip, it’s easy to grab a bite to eat and bring it down the park, where you can enjoy your lunch break in the peace and quiet.

MacPherson Park Waverley Sydney

There’s a big sign so you won’t miss it!

Relax In The Shade With A Good Book

Recline on the hill or on one of the park benches with a good book and kill a couple of hours.


  • Food

    Plenty of options nearby on Macpherson Street.

  • Rubbish Bins

    There’s a bin in the park.

  • Toilets

    No toilets here.

  • Can I take my dog?

    Dogs should be on leash and clear of the playground. Varna Park nearby has off leash zones, so check it out.

  • Can I lock my bike up?

    No bike lockups here.


Varna Park Waverley Sydney

Varna Park | Waverley

With a playground, picnic areas, dog walking areas and plenty of shade, this is a great local spot.

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Bronte Park | Bronte

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