Popular scenic spot for whale watching set above the Bouddi National Park.

Getting To Marie Byles Lookout, Bouddi National Park

Where Is It?

Located along The Scenic Road in Killcare Heights just south of the Bouddi National Park Visitor Centre, the Marie Byles Lookout is clearly marked with a carpark just off the roadway. Maitland Bay Drive and Wards Hill Road are the closest connecting streets.


The 65 bus stops at near the visitor centre a short walk from the lookout.


The address for Marie Byles Lookout is The Scenic Road, Killcare Heights NSW 2257


The lookout carpark can fit about 20 cars and is rarely full save for peak whale watching season.


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Things To Do

Elevated Spot For Whale Watching

Towering over the National Park with a great view south east (You can even see Barrenjoey Head etc), Mary Byles Lookout is the go to spot for whale watching on the Central Coast. Best times of year are between June-July when Humpbacks migrate north for mating and October-November when they return south for feeding. Make sure you bring binoculars and probably a nice warm jacket in the winter as it can get pretty breezy up there!

Marie Byles Lookout Whale Watching

Who Was Marie Byles?

Among her many achievements, Marie Byles was the first practising female solicitor in NSW. Perhaps more importantly though, Byles was a committed conservationist, travel writer, feminist, journalist, adventurer and member of the Buddhist Society Of NSW. Marie was born in 1900 in Cheshire, England and lived 79 years of discovery, adventure and daring until she passed away in Cheltenham, NSW.

Marie Byles Lookout Bouddi National Park

Look closely and you can see Barrenjoey Lighthouse in the distance.


Take A Dip At Putty Beach

Strip down to your togs and take a deep in the blue waters of Putty Beach. Hit the south end where there’s the Killcare Surf Club and flags to be on the safe side. It’s also a great spot for surfing and fishing.


  • Food

    There’s the upmarket Bells Restaurant on The Scenic Road or head down to Killcare SLSC where there’s the Horizons Cafe.

  • Rubbish Bins

    You might have to hold onto your rubbish and dispose of it elsewhere, like the visitor centre.

  • Toilets

    The closest are at Killcare SLSC or Hardys Bay on Arulen Drive.

  • Can I take my dog?

    There’s no reason to take your dog to a lookout. Welcome in the centre section of Putty / Killcare Beach, though.

  • Can I lock my bike up?

    Could lock your bike up to the fence if needed.


Putty Beach Surfing Killcare Bouddi National Park

Putty Beach | Killcare

Idyllic Putty Beach stretches out along the coast drawing visitors year round looking to cool off after a hike through the Bouddi National Park.

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