A small green space next to Birchgrove Park with views of the harbour bridge and city.

Getting To Miklouho-Maclay Park

Where Is It?

Miklouho-Maclay Park is located at the end of Grove Street next to Birchgrove Oval in Birchgrove. Take Birchgrove Road from Darling Street , turn right onto Cove Street, then left onto Cove Street.

By Ferry

Departing at Balmain Ferry Wharf at Mort Bay will take you about 15-20 minute walk through Ballast Point Park and down Wharf Road. Alternatively from Birchgrove Wharf the distance is about the same, walking through Birchgrove Park instead.

By Bus

There is a bus stop on Grove Street right out the front of the park.


The nearest Street address is the corner of Wharf Road and Grove Street, Birchgrove, NSW, 2041


Streetside parking along Wharf Road and Grove Street, as well as on The Terrace St Birchgrove Park.


Google Maps Link – Miklouho-Maclay Park | Birchgrove

Things To Do

New Years Eve – Harbour Bridge Views

The Harbour Bridge is visible from the water’s edge of the park, though the area here is quite small and would only suit a few dozen folk at most.

Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay

A Russian explorer and anthropologist who spent most of his life travelling through Australia, New Guinea and Polynesia studying people who had never met a European before. Nikoli was not able for being among the first anthropologists to refute the notion that different human ‘races’ were part of separate species. He was born in July 17, 1846 and died on April 24 1888. Wikipedia has more info. 

Miklouho-Maclay Park New Year's Eve Harbour Bridge


  • Food

    There is a cafe on Grove Street near Birchgrove Park

  • Rubbish Bins

    There are bins in Birchgrove Park

  • Toilets

    Toilets are at Birchgrove Park on the far side of the oval or there are some at Ballast Point Park near the Wharf

  • Can I take my dog?

    Dogs are welcome in the park but should remain on leash. There are off leash areas around Birchgrove Park. Check the signs for details.

  • Can I ride my bike / lock my bike up

    There are plenty of nice rides around Balmain and Birchgrove. The streets are usually quiet and you can usually find something to chain your bike to.


Birchgrove Park Harbour Views New Years Eve

Birchgrove Park | Birchgrove

Sprawling out along Snails Bay, this Park is home to tennis courts, a playground, and historic Birchgrove Oval.

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