Ready to dance in the harbour? Despite it’s compact size Milk Beach often draws hundreds of revellers thanks to it’s unique party atmosphere.

Getting To Milk Beach

Where Is It?

Milk Beach is located in Vaucluse along the Hermitage Foreshore Walk near Strickland House. The nearest street is Carrara Road but you can access from several points along the walk. The 325 bus will get you there as well.


Carrara Street, Vaucluse, 2030


There is limited streetside parking on Careers Road. Alternatively park at Neilsen Park and it’s a short walk around the foreshore to Milk Beach.
In the summer yachts and boats park off the beach. Nice if you got one.


Google Maps Link – Milk Beach Vaucluse

Things To Do

Party Beach

Despite its small size and alcohol bans in the summer Milk Beach goes off, packing hundreds, sometimes thousands along the sand and in the water. Bring your animal floaties, the yachts usually provide the music.

Hermitage Foreshore Walk

Starting at Nielsen Park the Hermitage Foreshore Walk is a short walk that takes in the unique western coastland of Vaucluse with views of the Harbour.

Cliff Jump

There’s a small cliff immediately south if Milk Beach you can jump into the water. Do so at your own risk though.

Milk Beach Sydney



  • Food and Alcohol

    There are picnic tables in the parkland behind the beach if you bring your own food. Otherwise head to Nielsen Park for cafes and kiosks.
    Note there are specific alcohol bans in place during the summer and some hired security to enforce it. Bag checks etc.

  • Rubbish Bins

    There is usually a few rubbish bins on the grassland between Strickland House and the beach

  • Toilets

    Head north to Nielsen Park and Shark Beach for toilets.

  • Is Milk Beach Dog Friendly?

    This is national parkland so technically no, although it’s not a surprise to see a few dogs around, particularly in the off season when there’s no council presence.



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