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Getting to Muru and Yena Trails

Location and Address

The Yena and Muru Tracks run roughly parallel, intersecting the bushland between Solander Drive as it curves around the coast. Both tracks are short, with their eastern and western entrances close to one another, making it an easy loop. From the visitors centre, Yena is slightly south, and Muru slightly north back on Solander Drive


Google Maps Link – Yena Trail & Muru Track
National Parks Website – Print friendly PDF Map
Visitors Centre – There are paper maps available for free at the centre

Opening Hours and Contact Info

Kurnell National Park Opening Hours:
August – May: 7:00am – 7:30pm
June – July: 7:00am – 5:30pm

Visitor Centre Opening Hours:
10am – 3:45 Monday to Friday, and 9:30am – 4:30pm Saturdays and Sundays.
Phone 02 9668 2000

yena trail

Parking and Entry Fees

It costs $7 to park your car anywhere within the national park. Pay in person at the visitors centre or at one of the pay stations located at the entrance to the park and at Commemoration Flat.

Parking is available at the visitors centre and Commemoration Flat. Both are close to the track entrances. You could also park near The Leap and start the loop from the other side.


Botantical Sightseeing

The obvious reason to walk the Yena and Muru Tracks is that it takes you through some of the best conserved bushland unique to Australia’s east coast. Beyond the flora and fauna, these tracks offer an easy walk to the pacific ocean, with both trails exiting onto Solander Drive near several points of interest

Banks Solander Track

Branching off the Yena track, this trail is a short detour that showcases unique flora like banksias and ferns. There are information plaques as well.

Polo Trail to Cape Bailey

Branching off Yena Track, the Yena Trail / Polo Trail connects to Cape Bailey Track, an 8 kilometre hike out to one of the best whale watching spots in Sydney. Be prepared though, you’ll need supplies and sunscreen.



The Muru and Yena tracks are a fairly short hike. If you need to grab a coffee or something to eat, there is a cafe / kiosk in the visitors centre, not far from the western entrances to both walks.
There is also a takeaway just outside of the national park on Captain Cook Drive.


There are toilets at Commemoration Flat and the visitors centre. Both are close to the western end of Muru and Yena tracks.

Rubbish bins

There are no rubbish bins on the tracks or at the eastern ends towards the coast. If you need to dispose of rubbish, keep it with you and look for bins on the western side at Commemoration Flat and the visitors centre.

Nearby Attractions

Cape Solander

A short, slightly uphill walk from the eastern exit of Yena Trail south along Solander Drive. You could also take the Yena Trail / Polo Track that branches south of Yena Trail and joins up with Yena Gap Trail (Read more).

Commemoration Flat

Close to the eastern exit /entrance of Muru Trail, Commemoration Flat is a popular picnic spot with bbq facilities and covered picnic tables. With views north over Botany Bay towards La Perouse, it’s a good place to unwind after a trail walk (Read more).

Burrawang Walk Loop

If you’re still hungry for trail walking, Burrawang Walk is an easy strong around the north headland that takes several monuments, historic and contemporary sites. It starts at the visitors centre, and it easy to plan into a day after tackling the Yena Muru Track Loop (Read more).