Nielsen Park is part of the Sydney Harbour National Park. With stunning views across the harbour, caves, a shark-net protected beach and a kiosk that is bookable for special functions, it is one of Sydney’s most popular harbour destinations to relax and enjoy the summer months.

Nielsen Park is also the starting point for the Hermitage Foreshore Walk. An hour long walk that stretches south towards Rose Bay and offers stunning views, fantastic photo opportunities, and access to Milk Beach and Queen’s Beach, among other points of interest. To the north, there is a short loop track that offers more views of the harbour.


Access to Nielsen Park

When visiting Nielsen park one thing to keep in mind is parking can be a little limited. If you don’t secure one of the two dozen places near the reserve¬†expect to park steet side further away from Nielsen Park. On the bright side, your walk in will treat you to a view of some of the city’s most breathtaking homes and gardens. Though more often then not you’ll be peeking over fences ūüôā

Address: Nielsen Park is on Greycliffe Avenue just of Vaucluse Rd 2030. Map it. 


The views in and around the park are some of Sydney’s finest



There is a small cave system to the south of the beach where Aboriginal cave art can be glimpsed.



Dogs are prohibited in the park. Sad but true.



Nielsen Park Cafe and Restaurant is actually three discreet venues. The Kiosk, Pavillion and Surf Club are bookable for engagements and functions. You can also grab a bite to eat here. The food is surprisingly nice and a little above the standard fish and chips.


Shark Beach

A¬†great place for a dip. The shark net provides reasonable protection from you-know-what and the water is generally calm and the temperature agreeable. It is unpatrolled, but the harbour protects it from waves so it’s mostly flat. The beach also makes a great spot to watch the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.