Oak Park Beach and Rock Pool is a popular dive spot among snorkellers and scuba divers with a great rock pool and plenty of amenities.

Oak Park Beach and Rock Pool | Cronulla


Getting There
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Getting to Oak Park Beach and Rock Pool, Cronulla

Location and Address

Oak Park Beach and the rock pool are located on the Espalanade coastal walk way in Cronulla, north of Bass and Flinders Point and south of Shelly Beach.
The nearest street address is Jibbbon Street off Ewos Parade.


Google Maps Link – Oak Park Beach and Rock Pool



There is dedicated parking on Ewos Parade and off street parking on Jibbon Street.



Though the beach and rock pool are unpatrolled by lifeguards the rock pool is popular for swimmers. Always excercise caution, watch for rips in the ocean and don’t swim on your own or in dangerous weather.


The rocky headlands around this section off the coast and up to Glashier Point offer several ledges and gutters for keen rock fishing. Always fish in pairs and follows the Government’s rules and regulations.

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One of Sydney’s best and most popular dive sites, with something to be had for beginners all the way up to intermediate divers. Frogdive.com.au has a great writeup on their website (Read more).



There is an old style pavillion looking over the beach that offers toilets, showers and change facilities.

Food and Rubbish Bins

There are rubbish bins scattered along the Esplanade and Oak Park. There are no kiosks, but there are take aways and cafes closer to Shelly Beach.

Can I take my dog to Oak Park Beach and Rock Pool

Dogs are not allowed on the beach or near the pool. Dogs are allowed on the Esplanade and in Oak Park provided they are on the beach.


Oak Park

Just off the back of the beach and rock pool, Oak Park is an ideal place for a picnic (Read more)

Shelly Beach and Ocean Pool

Another popular spot for swimming along the esplanade with access to shops and food off the back of Shelly Park (Read more).

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