A scenic lookout on the coast overlooking Wollongong at the southern end of The Royal National Park

Getting To Otford Lookout

Otford Lookout is located at the south eastern end of the Royal National Park on Lady Wakehurst Drive, Otford NSW. There is a largish carpark at Otford Lookout, making it easy to spot. The lookout is also a short, uphill walk from Otford Train Station.


There is a carpark right at the lookout. If it is full, there is a small parking pay near the Otford pantry a couple of minutes south. Though there is a fee for parking your car in the Royal National Park, it does not apply to this parking area.


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Royal Coastal Walk | Royal National Park

Burning Palms Beach on the Royal Coastal Walk

Things To Do

Royal National Park Coastal Walk

Near the lookout there is access to the Coastal Walk which stretches north along the coast of the Royal National Park to Bundeena. THe entire walk can take several days, but there are several sites that can be accessed with a single day trip, including Burning Palms Beach and The Figure Of Eight Pools.


Otford Lookout offers some truly panoramic views along the coast, south towards Wollongong and north along the Royal national Park. It is a favourite spot for many to stop and take a snap.

Royal Coastal Walk Otford


  • Food

    The Otford Pantry cafe is just south of the lookout, or you can also try Audley Cafe in the National Park at the Visitor’s Centre.

  • Rubbish Bins

    Unfortunately there isn’t a rubbish bin onsite so you will have to hang onto your rubbish and dispose of it later.

  • Toilets

    The nearest public toilets are at Otford Train Station just south of the lookout, Garie Beach at the National Park, or the Visitor’s Centre.

  • Can I take my dog?

    Dogs are not allowed in the Royal National Park, however you can drive through the National Park with a dog in your car so long as you don’t let it out.

  • Can I lock my bike up

    There is safety railing where you could lock your bike up.


Bulgo Beach

Bulgo Beach

South of the lookout a small grail leads down to Bulgo Beach, a popular spot to fish and surf.

Werrong Lookout Royal National Park

Werrong Lookout

An iconic cliff edge along the Royal Coastal Walk with a panoramic view of the South Coast.

Burning Palms | Royal National Park

Burning Palms Beach

A popular surfing beach with access to the Figure of Eight Pools over the rocks.

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