jack shuttleworth reserve

Nestled on the corner of Renwick Street and Mitchell Road Alexandria, Jack Shuttleworth Reserve is a tiny slice of veldt with a swing set a couple of chairs. Unlike most small reserves, Jack Shuttleworth is unconcealed. There are no fences or shrubbery to speak of, it is literally a wedge of green with a composite… Read More

walsh avenue reserve

Walsh Avenue Reserve is an expansive and well maintained park with a children’s play equipment, benches, tables and a water fountain. There are no BBQ facilities, but the reserve still makes a good picnic spot thanks to fencing to the north and the well maintained grassland. The grass is healthy, even in the middle of… Read More

tingara beach

Tiny Tingara Beach is the hardest to find of all the secluded beaches along the Hermitage Foreshore Walk. Just south of Milk Beach, and a few hundred metres north of Hermit Bay, Tingara is a delightfully small strip of sand that offers outstanding views and a great place to get your toes wet away away… Read More

turruwul park

Turruwul Park caters to a variety of sports while still managing to cram in a picnic area and children’s playground. Sitting on a single rectangular block, it’s efficient use of space means a wide variety of people will find something within it’s borders.   Facilties The northen end of the park sports tennis courts in… Read More

Alexandria park

Alexandria Park is a dog friendly suburban green bordered by idyllic Buckland Avenue to the north and Wyndham Street to the west. Popular with dog owners, there’s also plenty of space to sit and read a book, so long as you don’t mind a few canine friends. Large fig trees provide ample shade throughout the… Read More

nielsen park

Nielsen Park is part of the Sydney Harbour National Park. With stunning views across the harbour, caves, a shark-net protected beach and a kiosk that is bookable for special functions, it is one of Sydney’s most popular harbour destinations to relax and enjoy the summer months. Nielsen Park is also the starting point for the… Read More

Ready to dance in the harbour? Despite it’s compact size Milk Beach often draws hundreds of revellers thanks to it’s unique party atmosphere.… Read More

sandon point reserve

North of Bulli Reserve and offering access to the beach, Sandon Point Reserve is a popular wedding spot that has some wonderful views and a few shaded areas to sit and relax near the sea. The footpath is good for jogging and cycling, and dogs will enjoy the gentle grassy slope of the reserve. Dog… Read More

tarakan reserve

Tarakan Reserve is a small wedge of dry grass that compliments nearby Turruwul Park primarily because it allows off leash dog excercise. Unfortunately, Tarakan Reserve is haunted by ibis that have deposited their mess all over the two modest bench seats that are, apart from a couple of small trees, all you’ll find on this… Read More

coalcliff beach

Coalcliff Beach is a hidden treasure, with a spectacular view to the north and a private, protected aspect. Good for a surf and for fishing, swimmers might find the surf rocky underfoot and swathes of black sand on the shore can reach high temperatures on a hot day. You’ll need to weigh up these considerations if… Read More