Pigeon House Mountain (Didthul) is a gruelling three kilometere hike up a steep walking track ending in a few hundred feet of stairs and ladders. Fortunately, the views are incredible, and the trip down is much easier on the legs.

Time: 2.5 – 3hrs = Approx 90 minutes up, 60 down + time to take in the view. 

What you need to bring.

Sunscreen and hat

A bottle of water.

Shoes with good grip.

Pigeon House trail is affected by weather conditions. Recent rains can signal mud on parts of the trail.



Though it’s only a 90 minutes up and considerably less down, Pigeon House Mountain ranks as intermediate due to steep inclines, steps and ladders, which can be tricky in the wet.

That’s not to say it isn’t a quick trek. The first 30 minutes are steep. In the heat, this can be incredibly taxing, despite the canopy. A rock plateau that offers wonderful views also signals the flattening out of trail, with the ‘Pigeon House’ now in visiable between the trees.

If a breeze picks up you’ll cruse through to the next incline, which is another 20 – 30 minutes or so to the base of the ‘Pigeon House’ The trails give way to bolted stairways, gangwalks and, as you approach the summit, ladders.

pigeon house mountain

The stairways and ladders are high grade and feel well maintained. This won’t change the fact that under wet conditions it’s very slippery. The most you could fall is probably 3-4 four meters, but the risk is there.



The view from the top is breaktaking, but also quite small and can fill up fast during the holidays. There’s a few spots to sit and have a drink and snack. I’ve done this trek a couple of times and on the most recent climb met a guy carrying a whole watermelon. I’m not even sure how he got it up the ladder.

Near the final staircase there is a small cave hidden from view. Not sure on the legality of it but it would make a good camping spot for photographers looking to capture sunrise and sunset. Both of which can be seen from the top.



The return leg whizzes by. It can be tough on the hamgstrings, but really gives you a good opportunity to take in the scenery that you may have missed on the way up, while you were busy sweating and puffing.



Pigeon House is a great little trek, so long as you’re fit and prepared it can be done in a morning. Access is via Morton National Park. Follow the signs from Milton. 4WD or SUV will get you in easily, but sedans and hatchbacks are running a risk, as the roads are unsealed.



If you’re looking for more info, ulladulla.info and nationalparks.com.au have some good details.

pigeon house mountain