Headland park with slowing greenery down to the water’s edge and heritage buildings converted into picnic areas make Quarantine Park a unique addition to the Abbotsford waterfront.

Getting To Quarantine Reserve, Abbotsford

Where Is It?

Quarantine Reserve is located at the end of Abbotsford Parade and Spring Street in Abbotsford. There is also access at the end of Checkley Street. Connect via the Great North Road onto Spring of Fitzroy Streets. Quarantine Reserve is located between two other waterfront parks, Henry Lawson Park to the south, and Battersea Park to the north east.

Buses & Ferries

Quarantine Reserve is a ten minute walk or less from the ferry wharf at Abbotsford. the 438 and l38 buses run along the Great North Road, offering a couple of good public transport options for accessing Quarantine Reserve.

Bike Route

The Great North Road has dedicated bike lanes and beyond the occasional hill the backstreets around Abbotsford are easy to ride around.


The best street address is Checkley Street, Abbotsford NSW 2046.


You’ll find street side parking on Checkley Street and Spring Street


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Things To Do

Haunted History of Quarantine Reserve

Over the years Quarantine Reserve has been used as an animal quarantine facility and military supply depot. Today, you can still see the cattle stables, green roofed pig pens, dog kennels, horse stables and even a cattery. It’s not hard to imagine the noise and smell of the area during its heyday, not to mention the smoke from the incinerator. Still, the facility remained in action until 1980 when operations were moved to Wallgrove. Many believe the site to be haunted to this day. Hang around at sundown and see if you can hear the neighs of ghost horses as the wind whisperers through the trees.


Enjoy A Family Picnic

Suitable for larger groups who want to spread out under cover or along the expansive waterfront, Quarantine Reserve features plenty of public covered seating and a barbecue area perfect for frying up some snags and steaks. It’s one of several waterfront picnic areas around Abbotsford, but the large covered areas and long grass slope down to the water make it one of the better areas for large group get togethers.


Wedding Ceremonies & Photography

The protected landing area and wooded glen down by the water offer a picturesque background for formal photography and even wedding ceremonies. Interested in booking? Contact Council on 9911 6555 or email openspacebookings@canadabay.nsw.gov.au.



  • Food

    There are barbecues in the park and some restaurants towards the ferry terminal inside the Sydney Rowing Club

  • Rubbish Bins

    You will find rubbish bins near the park picnic areas.

  • Toilets

    There are toilets in Quarantine Reserve.

  • Can I take my dog?

    Dogs are welcome in the park provided they are kept on leash.

  • Can I lock my bike up?

    No official bike lockups here but you could probably chain it up to a nearby fence or pole.



Henry Lawson Park

Another of Abbotsford’s expansive waterfront parks. Henry Lawson Park features a brightly coloured playground and several unique sculptures as well as picnic areas by the river.


Battersea Park

Long, waterfront park with terraced picnic areas, barbecues and a fun playground for the kids. It’s a stone’s throw from the ferry terminal and has access to the water.

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