13 hectares of recreational reserve, bushland and wetlands home to dozens of animal.species and hundreds of flora.

Getting To Randwick Environment Park, Randwick

Where Is It?

Randwick Environment Park occupies around 13 hectares of land in the southern area of Randwick and South Coogee, Entrances on Dooligah Avenue, Argyle Street and Henning Avenue (opposite Latham Park).


Dooligah Avenue, Randwick NSW 2031.


There are parking bays and on Street parking at most of the entrances to the park, including Cooper Street / Joongah Street, Dooligah Avenue and Henning Avenue.


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Things To Do

Randwick Environmental Park Picnic & Barbecue Areas

Picnic & Barbecue Areas

Scattered throughout the park are picnic areas with barbecues that operate from 8am – 8pm every day. Find some near the community centre close to the playground, others at the circular green space near Lomandra Place. Randwick Environment Park is one of several great places in the Eastern Suburbs to have an awesome outdoor picnic. Find more at the link below.

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Shared Walking / Bike Tracks

Winding through the sprawling interior of the park, these tracks connect the various sections of the park together and are a fun adventure for cyclists of all ages and skill levels. Younger cyclists looking for places to learn all the road rules in a safe environment might try Heffron Park nearby, which has it’s own enclosed pedal park.

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Randwick Environmental Park Rwndwick

Randwick Community Centre

Located within the grounds of Randwick Environmental Park, the community centre provides valuable space for community focused recreational and arts programs. It also houses a playground and community garden. To enquire contact (02) 8020 0758 or rcc@randwick.NSW.gov.au

Randwick Environmental Park Playground

Randwick Community Centre Playground

Located within the Community Centre near the western Dooligah Avenue entrance, this playground features sunshades, soft flooring and fun, nautical themed equipment including slide, fort climb and spring ride.

Randwick Environmental Park Community Garden

Community Garden

Located near the playground the community garden showcases how successful community green projects can be with a bit of coordination. It’s a Permaculture Interpretative Garden (PIG) with lots of interesting ideas for improving your home garden. Interested in testing out your green thumb? Contact Council on  (02) 8020 0758

Randwick Environmental Park Wetlands


Home to dozens of animal species the wetlands can be accessed via the walkway and offer an opportunity to see undistributed habitats, native fauna and flora. Scattered along the walking trail are a number of viewing platforms that offer a good opportunity for bird watching or just generally soaking in the natural environment.

Eastern Suburbs Banskia Scrub

Once flourishing species local to Sydney’s Eastern coast, the Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub is now an endangered plant that can only be found in a abundance at a few select locations.


  • Food

    There are picnic and barbecue areas in the park.

  • Rubbish Bins

    Yes there are rubbish bins in the park and dog tidys as well,

  • Toilets

    There are toilets at the community centre.

  • Can I take my dog?

    Dogs are welcome in the park but should remain on leash and clear of the natural bushland and wetlands. There is are designated off leash sections in the park, as well as dog tidy bags usually found near bins. Check the signs for more details.

  • Can I lock my bike up / Ride my bike?

    There are shared bike paths throughout the park and bike lockups near the community centre,


Latham Park Jeffrey Sayle Pavillion

Latham Park | South Coogee

South east of Randwick Environment Park, Latham Park boasts premier rugby fields, tennis courts, and the South Coogee Bowling Club.

Snape Park Cricket Oval

Snape Park | Maroubra

Featuring a picket fenced cricket oval, playground, tennis courts and sportsfield, Snape Park is a popular recreational reserve in Maroubra.


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