From beachside barbeques to riverside retreats, there are over a dozen Royal National Park picnic spots for you to enjoy.

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Picnic Areas In The Royal National Park

Red Cedar Flats

A simple Picnic Area in the southern section of the Royal National Park, close to a few walking tracks and Garie Beach

Wattamolla Falls

Wattamolla Falls Picnic Area

Of all the Royal National Park Picnic slots this is probably the most popular. Right near the waterfalls and beach with plenty of amenities. Read more

fig tree flat

Fig Tree Flat

A quiet, serene picnic spot along the river with BBQs and full amenities. Read more

Garie Beach Picnic Area

Right by Garie Beach, this is the perfect spot for lunch after a swim.

Bonnie Vale Picnic Area

Right near Bonnie Vale Campground, the picnic area has access to Cabbage Tree Basin you feel like a swim as well as kayak hire on weekends.

Currawong Flat Picnic Area

You’ll know Currawong Flat by the distinctive bridge running over the Hacking River.

Gunjulla Flat Picnic Area

A popular bird watching spot on the western side of the Royal National Park. Quiet and beautiful in the spring.

Ironbark Flat Picnic Area

Ironbark flat is the picnic area near the Royal National Park Visitor Centre and Audley Weir. It’s a popular picnic spot full with full amenities and plenty of waterbirds to keep you company.

Pool Flat Picnic Area

Also in Audley, Pool Flat is a riverside location that’s nice for swimming and paddling.

reids flat picnic area royal national park

Reids Flat Picnic Area

Shady and idyllic, Reids Flat is a picturesque riverside location with calm waters and all the amenities you need. Read more

Upper Causeway Picnic Area

Located on, you guessed it, the Upper Causeway, where McKell Avenue meets Lady Wakehurst Drive.

Warumbul Picnic Area

Views across Port Hacking and close to Weemalah Cottage, this is an idyllic spot for lunch and tea.

Waterfall Flat Picnic Area

At the outskirts of the Royal National Park, not far from Waterfall, this is a good place to start the day.

Wattle Forest Picnic Area

Not far from the Uloola Walking track, Wattle Forest Picnic Area is the perfect spot for break after a good hike.


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