Sharkey’s Beach

One of the hardest thing about being a dog owner in the summer is what to do with the pup when you want to hit the surf. Sure, you can find a nearby park and take shifts, but dogs love water too, and if you’re a city dweller, there’s not too many options for man’s best friend.

Well, look no further. A couple of minutes down Lawrence Hargrave drive from Coledale Beach and Campground is Sharkey’s Beach. A relatively quiet and picturesque part of coastland that attracts dogs and their owners by the dozen.

Unpatrolled Beach

Signage warns that Sharkey’s Beach is NOT a beach for swimming, and it’s a message worth heeding. On calm days, you can wade in the surf, but frequent rips and no lifeguards make it a dangerous prospect for even the most seasoned swimmer. Still, it’s not a great risk to get your feet wet. Just keep to the shallows and don’t expect any lifeguards. There’s also a grassy expanse to the northern end of the beach that is perfect for a picnic.



Dog Friendly

The real draw card at Sharkey’s Beach is that it’s dog friendly. One of the few beaches close to a population centre where dogs are free to frolick off leash and in the surf. That alone makes Sharkey’s Beach worth visiting if you’re a dog owner. If you’re not, you might be better served by nearby Thirroul and Coledale beaches.

Note: Wollogong Council is currently propsosing changes to where and when off leash dogs can roam. We’ll update as needed. If you’re after a map, click here. 


Plenty of parking

Dog Friendly

Basic amenities (park benches, toilet blocks,outdoor shower)

Small grass areas to the north and south.


Frequent rips make it dangerous

No lifeguards

Council may change dog rules soon