Cast ashore on the 13th May 1937, this shipwreck is scatted across the western side of Cape Banks and Cruwee Cove.It’s unique position makes it a desirable landmark for hikers, photographers, and divers alike.

Directions to SS Minmi Shipwreck

The main wreckage is located on the western side of the southern point of Cape Banks, deep in Kamay Botany Bay National Park, but not far from the golf course. There are a couple of ways to access the shipwreck:

Cape Banks Track

Cape Banks Road runs east of the golf course. From there you can access Cape Banks Track and follow it south along the coast for several hundred meters until you reach the bridge, then cross.

Henry Head Walk Track

Alternatively, the much longer route is from Cann Park, along Congong Track and the Henry Head Walk. This will probably take you a couple of hours, with the full circuit pushing three hours or so, but you will get to see just about everything the national park has to offer.


This is the approximate position of the wreckage on google maps. Alternatively, the national parks website has this handy  PDF map. 


If you chose the long route, there is parking at Cann Park and around the Anzac Loop. It does get busy on weekends and school holidays though. If you’re parking at the end of Cape Banks Road your best bet is to find space on the embankment. You could try and park in the golf course, but I don’t like your chances.

ss minmi

What To Do


The Unique position of the shipwreck makes it a good photography spot at any time of day, but particularly at dawn and sunset. Break out the Zeiss lens and make a day of it, you won’t be disappointed.

Snorkel and Scuba

The are around the wreck is a great place to dive, and life is teeming beneath the waves in botany bay. The Cape Banks Aquatic Reserve is nearby, as is Cruwee Cove, meaning there is an abundant stretch of water to explore.  Be aware though, that there are restrictions on removing life from the aquatic reserve. Read up here for the full details.

Whale Watching

Cape Banks is actually a good spot for whale watching. Winter and Spring are the best times, with migratory trails passing directly by the east coast of Sydney.


Rubbish Bins

There are bins on the Cape Banks Trail near the bridge at the southern end of the gold course. There are also bins along the Henry Head Trail at the intersection of Browns Track and Henry Head Walk Track.


There are no kiosks within the national park. There are a number of  cafes and restaurants on the Anzac Parade Loop, however.