A hidden gem of a beach located a few minutes south of Ulladulla. Tabourie Beach is a 1.7 kilometre stretch of white sand that is great for surfing, fishing, and paddling. To the north the beach opens to the mouth of Lake Tabourie. Crampton Island sits just off the point and under the right tide can be reached by foot.


Access to Tabourie Beach

At the end of Beach Road in Tabourie there is a small carpark that also services the lake. This will take you to the northern part of the beach, close to Crampton Island. There is also access through Termeil State Park Campground off Blackbutt Road which joins the Princes Highway. Here’s a map link.


tabourie beach




Tabourie Beach cater to surfers, with breaks along the middle expanse of the shoreline. Closer to the island and headlands the water is generally calmer, ideal for paddling and wading.

Even in peak season the beach feels quiet. During the long days of the summer you can walk along the beach at dawn and experience majestic sunrises. Tabourie is an unpatrolled beach and there doesn’t seem to be an issue with bringing dogs down to the sand. There are public toilets next to the car park on Beach Road that also service the lake. Termeil Point Campground, accessible through Termeil State Forest, provides access to the beach from the south.



The Lake and Crampton Island are popular fishing spots, with drummer the fish of choice. The Island can be dangerous in high swell, so always exercise caution and obey regulations.



Stayz.com has a good list of places available to rent. Per Night in the summer you’re looking anywhere from $100 to $170 a night. You can also check the Lake Tabourie Tourist Park.