The Yarra Bay Foreshore consists of three beaches that are all accessible via Yarra Bay Bicentennial Park. The park also has decent amounts of car parking, and there is boat access via the Yarra Bay Sailing Club.   The Beaches The largest of the beaches extends about 600 meters or so along Yarra Bay Foreshore. To… Read More

Yarra Bay Bicentennial Park is nestled between Yarra Bay Foreshore and Frenchman’s Bay. With long, rolling lawns flanked by curving tree lines, the park is perfect for picnics, with plenty of shaded tables and benches set around couple of BBQs. There is also access to a boat ramp via the Yarra Bay Sailing Club and the Yarra… Read More

Botany Bay Boat Ramp The boat ramp is located off Foreshore Drive, with panoramic views of the bay, airport and docks. It’s a popular fishing spot with, as the name suggests, boat access via the ramp. Amenities at nearby Botany Foreshore Beach include restrooms and a bike lockup. There are also shower and feet washing… Read More